Apple’s new iOS 7 is expected to release this September with a slew of new features that includes a redesign, iTunes Radio and new social integrations. These features will impact marketers and their mobile strategies going into 2014.

What the New iOS 7 Means for Marketers and Mobile Strategy

This is Apple’s biggest update in six years and will significantly impact brand’s mobile strategies. We have outlined some of the main features and what it means for marketers going forward.

The redesign

The new iOS 7 will have a new flat design with a bigger screen. But while the iPhone is flat, the screen will not be 2-Dimensional. There will be depth to it with a parallax effect and deep translucency. Marketers have an opportunity to get ahead of the game and develop new apps that have a similar look to the new iOS 7, providing a seamless user experience for iPhone users. This will provide the most engaging experience and keep brands ahead of their competitors.

Updated Passbook

Apple’s Passbook is a tool for keeping track of tickets, coupons, gift cards, etc. With the iOS 7, Passbook will have a 2D code scanner and implement a way to share items via AirDrop. AirDrop will also allow users to share items with phones that are closest to them (similar to Samsung’s “touch to share” feature) but without the “touch” part.

By being able to share coupons and gift cards, marketers can incentivize users to share these items with their friends and family, thus increasing brand awareness for companies.

Also, AirDrop can be a great tool for client meetings. For example, if a company has a custom app to present reports or presentations to clients, the presenter can proximity-share the information with anybody in the room—streamlining the experience for the client.

Social changes

Safari and Siri will be more integrated with Twitter. In the Safari browser, the “Shared Links” feature will allow users to see which websites their friends are sharing from Twitter. This means it will be even more important for companies and brands to have a Twitter account and share quality content for their followers. Siri will also be able to search within Twitter with the new iOS 7.

iTunes Radio

Apple is introducing iTunes Radio that will compete with the popular Spotify and Pandora apps. Like its competitors, iTunes Radio will have free ad supported services and a premium paid service. Many iTunes users are likely to use (or switch to) iTunes Radio because of its large music library and the familiarity with iTunes software. iTunes radio will give marketers the opportunity to purchase “radio spots” to reach a larger listening audience.

Integration with car dashboards

In 2014, Apple will be partnering with automobile manufacturers to have the iOS system integrated in the dashboard of the car. With Siri Eyes Free, users will be able to make phone calls safely, access music, send and receive messages and receive navigation.

In addition, Apple has a new feature called “Apps Near Me” that will be available in the App Store. The app shows you a collection of popular apps relevant to your current location. So, if you’re at football game in an unfamiliar city, you can see what apps other people are finding useful while you are there.

“Apps Near Me” combined with iOS in the car will provide new ways for consumers to discover brands while traveling—expanding the audience for marketers. If marketers can create native app experiences that are relevant to nearby consumers, they should have a competitive advantage for their brands.

The new iOS 7 is a complete redesign of the older iOS systems. With its new features, marketers will have opportunities to reach a larger audience and be even more relevant to their customers.