Apple has released a third beta release for iOS 10.3, the third major interim update to iOS 10. So what kind of innovations does the iOS 10.3 Beta 3 update come with?

New emojis, TV app and system improvements

With a 319 MB update, iOS 10.3 Beta 3 fixes the errors found in previous releases, and Apple offers improvements to provide a more stable operating system experience.

Also, along with iOS 10.3 Beta 3, a section was added to the Settings menu that gives information about IOS compatibility of installed applications. In this way, if the application you’re using is not compatible with your iOS version, you’ll be notified immediately.

“Find My Airpods” is included in the update

Apple’s new generation and truly wireless AirPods are sold for an almost mid-priced Android phone. A few months ago, a developer saw the big opportunity here and developed an app that made finding lost or stolen AirPods very easy, but it didn’t last long enough when Apple found out the app and removed it from the App Store. Fortunately, this exact same feature is included in the update for free, so you definitely don’t have to pay extra $3.99 for the old “Find My Airpods” app.

Another great change coming with the new update is the “3D Touch” which adds a new layer to the map that shows weather information on the map in a quite nice looking way.

iOS 10.3 beta update introduces many bug fixes along with the new features, for example, you will no longer experience the freezing problem in the email application that you had in the previous version.

How do I update my iOS version?

You have to know your device’s unique identifying number before you can download the iOS 10.3 Beta 3 update for developers. If you are registered with Apple’s developer program, you can install iOS 10.3 Beta 2 directly from Settings> General> Software Update.