The highly anticipated reveal of the newest line of Apple products happened on September 10th. Apple released 2 new versions of the iPhone as well as a new software upgrade, iOS 7. With the release of the new iPhones last Friday, Apple was expected to sell between five and eight million iPhones over the weekend alone.

Whether you already have your new iPhone or are waiting to get yours, here are a few features of the new hardware and software that Apple has to offer:

iPhone 5S

– the iPhone 5S has some very cool sounding features. In addition to being offered in a new gold hue that is unique to this version, it also has a few other added features. New fingerprint technology will allow you to lock your phone where only you can access it – even more secure than a passcode.

iPhone 5C

– the iPhone 5C is Apple’s lower-end phone offering. Totally new to the iPhone lineup, the 5C has a colorful plastic housing. It is essentially the same as the previous year’s iPhone 5. The phone will still be able to do everything that the iPhone 5 does and it will be offered at the $99 price point, which will attract even more people to the Apple brand.

iOS 7

– the new operating system for Apple devices boasts a lot of new features. Some of those include upping the app store download limit (over wifi) to 100mb instead of 50. The user interface looks different and some of the featured Apple icons have gotten a design makeover. Many of the big names in apps have already made themselves over in anticipation of the release of the new OS. It’s estimated that as of today that as many as 28% of Apple users have already adopted the new operating system.

So, will you be running out to get a new Apple phone? Or downloading the new iOS 7 to your current device?

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