Freeagent reviewIn our previous review of FreeAgent, we focused on the tool’s utility for freelancers. We discussed the solution’s features and interface.

Since we last discussed them, FreeAgent has added a slew of new features and functionality to make their tool better as well as a product re-design, which included a new overview page, new features and navigation, optimization for the iPad and increased speeds by 30%.

In this new FreeAgent review we will see some features that the company introduced in the previous months.

New Payroll Functionality

This is probably one of the main additions. Businesses can now manage all their payroll needs with FreeAgent. It is compliant with the new RTI rules from the UK HM Revenue and Customs. “To do this, we tightly scoped the feature and worked closely with users (1:1 user testing and a wider beta test) to make sure we were building the simplest workflow that people could understand,” says Roan Lavery, co-founder and product director with the company.

He says RTI is being released as a feature in itself to enable users to learn it quickly. “There’s a whole host of other things we are working on behind the scenes – our roadmap gives a good indication of where our priorities lie,” explains Lavery.

Bank Feeds

Another key addition is the bank feeds feature, it enables FreeAgent users to manage their finances on the fly. It automates the process of importing transactions from your bank account into the solution. All you need to do is simply connect your bank account to the solution and the system imports your daily transactions, enabling you to monitor payments and other changes to your account.

Integration with Online Payment Portals

FreeAgent also introduced integrations with GoCardless, for UK users, and Dwolla, for US users, to offer more payment options to their customers.

GoCardless allows users to get paid directly from their customers’ bank accounts – without the need to set up a specific merchant account to handle the transaction or pay any credit card fees.

Dwolla is a unique payment network that simplifies payment processes and reduces transaction costs for individuals and small businesses. Using Dwolla, you can conduct seamless transactions with your friends on social networks.

Both integrations allow users to link to the online payment options from the invoices they send out from their FreeAgent account, making it easier and quicker for them to get paid.

FreeAgent Mobile

FreeAgent Mobile enables you to view metrics and numbers related to your account on the go. Available across iPhone, Android, and Windows phone device, without an app to download, FreeAgent Mobile has an excellent interface, one that translates your web interface seamlessly into a mobile experience. It also comes packed with a ton of useful features such as file uploads and Time Tracking. The latter feature enables you to include a new start/stop timer to create time slips for tasks. The timer continues to run even after you put the phone to sleep or log out.

The Bottom Line

Our previous review gave 9/10 to the solution for its extensive feature set and interface. With these enhancements, FreeAgent has become an indispensable part of a freelancer’s project management arsenal!