Mitt Romney’s mobile appAs the 2012 election draws near, candidates are thinking of ways to not only lock in current supporters’ votes but draw new voters to their campaign. Are mobile apps the way to do this?

Recently, both President Barack Obama and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney released mobile apps with unique focuses. Mobile Marketer explains, “The Obama app is [targeting] local volunteers [and providing them with] the information they need while the Romney app is driving excitement around the candidate’s pick for vice president, using push notifications, social media and the ability to earn rewards.”

For a mobile app to be successful, however, it needs to contain valuable information that the potential voters would be interested in and have interactive elements that keep them coming back for more. “An app download is a strong signal of interest and support on behalf of the constituent, so presidential candidates need to take care to provide their users with an enriching experience,” Mobile Marketer quotes Hafez Adel, director of marketing as saying.

Bryan Laurienti, co-owner of BBB Systems, says it’s important that the creators of a mobile app analyze their target audience to determine what kind of content they’d be most interested in. Frequent updates also help ensure people won’t lose interest in your app.

Have or would you download a mobile app for a presidential candidate?