I see it every day. Small business owners are confused. They want to get into mobile marketing (maybe through a business app or texting app) but they’re not quite sure how!

Maybe you’re in the same situation. You’re thinking that you want to reach out to your customers… and you see the huge advantage of mobile marketing. So it only makes sense that you should build an app for your business. Right?

Maybe its a news app, or reservation app, or communication / texting app.

Whatever it is you’re thinking of doing… just stop and listen to me.

Don’t Do It Yet…

Hold off and read the rest of this article… I’m going to drop some knowledge on you about apps, texting apps, and how to market your business.

If you’re thinking about building an app for your business, you’re probably focused on one reason – Marketing.

You’re trying to market your business and are looking for great ways to connect with customers and prospects…and you want to connect with them on their mobile phone.

Your thinking is half right.

You must reach out to prospects and customers on their smart phones.

But you don’t need a texting app… or any other kind of app to do it.

There are HUGE problems with building your own marketing or texting app.

First, they are very expensive.

Most competent IT people and programmers will tell you to build out a functioning – well designed app will cost $5,000 to $10,000 or more.

I know because I had an app built and we were thousands in the hole before it ever launched (but thats another story).

Most business owners will go out and get a programmer or IT guy who promises to build them the worlds greatest app. Another problem… Problem number two… apps aren’t built in a day – they take months and months to design, code, text, fix bugs, and deploy.

The third problem – most app builders have no idea what to put into their app. They start thinking too big. Every little idea gets tossed into the mobile app… and next thing you know you are thousands over budget… and months behind schedule.

The fourth problem… and this is the big one….

If you’re lucky, your app programmers will deliver a somewhat functioning piece of software on time and on cost… but then you need to market the damn thing.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but APPLE isn’t going to suddenly start installing your APP on every phone they make. You now need to promote the APP you just paid money for. Yep, you now need to spend more time and money promoting your app… not your business.

In case you don’t know… it’s harder to market an APP than a business.

Oh wait – don’t forget regular updates, and code fixes, and new versions. Those take time, effort, and certainly aren’t free.

At the end of the day, you had hoped your app would drive more customers to your business. Instead you’ve created a money pit that sucks up your time, and requires even more attention and focus.

Congratulations – you just doubled your workload… and got to pay a bunch of money for the privilege.

In reality – you just want to drive more customers to your business. You want more prospects.

My advice… Don’t Build A Texting App.

Do mobile marketing the easy way… with text message marketing.

Let me drop a little knowledge on you. Did you know the average text message (or sms message) is read within 3 minutes of being received. Also, text messaging is the biggest use of a smart phone – even more than surfing the web or making phone calls!

If you’re looking for an easy way to communicate with your customers and prospects I can’t think of a better way.

In order to reach out to your customers and prospects, you don’t need an app – just send them a text message. Think about the simplicity.

There are a number of great text messaging software packages out in the world to help you do this.

The process to use a piece of texting software is all the same.

You get an account… and just like your email marketing software… you start collecting phone numbers. Every so often you send a message with important information, or news, or a deal. You use the system to connect with your customers…. right to their mobile phone.

Systems like this aren’t expensive. For example betwext.com has one that you can set up in 10 minutes and starts at $10 a month.

That’s a far cry from the $5,000 to $10,000 you’ll spend building an app.

I highly recommend you skip the whole APP nonsense… and instead of trying to build a texting app for yourself, you find a third party to provide the service for you.

Another advantage of finding a third party provider…

Think about your Email Service Provider… they are specialists in sending email, delivering email, tracking email, and all the laws around email marketing.

Why not do the same thing with your mobile marketing.

Find a texting company providing texting software and use what’s already out there. Any mobile marketing business out there can set up an account for you, manage the carrier interface, and make sure you’re following the rules.

Trying to build an app for your business is difficult and costly. Instead skip the headache, heartburn, and crazy costs and start mobile marketing through text messages!

If you’re thinking of using Mobile Marketing for your business, check out this free report: “The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Marketing