mobile analytics

Mobile Analytics – It’s no surprise that we’re living in a data-driven world. Mobile apps have become a central, irreplaceable part of our lives. Apps literally where we spend the most of our digital time with an astounding 90% figure according to ComScore.

Mobile analytics is something brands can’t neglect. Why? Look at the stats. Google has recently reported that, “1 in every 4 apps is never used.” If you’re in that 25% bracket, spend loads of time and money nor do you know how your app is performing, then get ready for app disaster.

Therefore, understanding what goes on inside and even outside the app must first, reveal the problem. With actionable data, you (as a marketer) will learn what to do right going forward. Ask yourself: Are you approaching your users with hyper-context? Can you listen to what users like, dislike? Or analyze what screen they view, revisit, or what assets they’ve engaged with? Is it possible to evaluate how many customers visited your shop? Or how long they’ve stood in front of a shelf?

Thus, can you track all these actions inside and outside your app through an analytics portal? Integrate multiple data systems like a CRM, Loyalty or POS platform into your mobile channel? Make available actionable data by enriching your user profiles? If you are lost and answer “no” to most of these questions, then I encourage you to keep reading. Let’s divulge into a real-world example.

The Copaco Example:

Grinding down to the nitty gritty details is a key component to understanding your customers’ behavior. Looking at one of our clients, Copaco, we’ve seen interesting results in the aftermath of their event. As a technological tool, beacons were placed in certain touch points throughout the venue.

“Over 70% of users responded to an in-app survey”

As a result, all respondents answered with very valuable answers. Therefore, the Copaco marketing team could use the data for customer insight. The in-app survey was triggered through the Copaco’s enabled-app. It was sent when users walked by a beacon’s signal range. Additionally, through MobileBridge Analytics, Copaco saw amazing footfall traffic by the minute. Here’s the footfall data. It’s displayed in a heat map where red means heavily concentrated footfall.beacons

If you’d like to learn more about mobile analytics, download our Mobile Analytics Cheatsheet here