Using NFC to purchase event tickets

Have you heard about Near Field Communication (NFC) yet? NFC “is a form of contactless communication between devices like smartphones or tablets,” according to

What’s exciting about NFC is that this emerging technology allows the user to wave their smartphone over an NFC-compatible device to send information. This means — at some point — users will be able to simply wave their smartphones over a QR code (NFC Tag) to instantly scan the information instead of having to use a third-party scanner.

There’s also the potential for NFC to be used in countless other ways, including waving your smartphone at the grocery store to instantly pay your bill, bumping phones with your friends to share games and other applications, unlocking your car and adjusting your seats, and accessing information at museums, concerts, and tourist attractions – all by simply waving your phone.

Pretty exciting, right? As with any new technology, however, it can take a while until it catches on. Currently there are some phones on the market that contain NFC technology, but many more are sure to come. And as use of NFC technology becomes more commonplace, we’ll start to see how it can benefit us, from helping business owners reach new customers to enabling consumers to pay for products faster than ever before.

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