Movy Messaging App Updates Features For Better Social Interaction

The messaging app Movy updated some of its features on Saturday to improve social interactions for users, making this face-to-face communication app more user-friendly.

Movy is back and forth video message conversations at your convenience. Viewers can favorite, comment, and reply to messages on their streams. Unlike other social media, Movy prioritizes the use of face-to-face communication for a richer conversation experience instead of just text-based comments, static images, and likes, retweets, etc.

New Movy user and co-founder of The Social Outlaws, Alissa Trumbull, said in a Movy message, “Of all the social media platforms I am on, this one is the most authentic. There’s something about the video component that makes this such an incredible experience where we can share. It’s as if we (other Movy users) have known each other for a long time.”

Movy launched in January 2014. The app’s CEO Chris Joyce, excited about the recent activity on the app, noted, “We are growing insanely!” Movy estimates more than 200 percent growth in the last quarter alone. With the new updates, the app creators hope these numbers will continue to increase.

Some of the key Movy updates include a scrolling synopsis of each message, customizable groups, and tags and filters to improve searching.

Before the updates, users only saw a screenshot of a video with no context as what the message was about. Now videos can include a scrolling synopsis of what the message is about, such as, “Weekend Recap! What did you do??” Instead of clicking on videos with no idea of their content, users can know what they’re choosing to watch.

Another new feature is the ability to create customizable groups. Previously, users had to either post on the public stream or send individual messages to one or more users. Now business organizations or friends can make a group that includes all the private conversations between its members, similar to creating a circle on Google+.

To make searching easier on Movy, the creators have added tags and filters to the app. The tags allow users to find certain posts and the filters in the main stream help users find new Movy users to follow.

Other new features include a teleprompter during recording to help with speaking delivery, expanded notifications, and the ability to re-post other Movy messages into one’s own stream.

If you’re a user on the messaging app Movy, do you like its updated features?