Mouseflow Review – Convert visitors in paying customers

It’s one thing to build a website, but it’s another thing to use your website to convert visitors into paying customers. Mouseflow is a premium tool that helps you understand where your visitors go on your website. Unlike some web tools, Mouseflow doesn’t just reveal what pages your customers are visiting or what your bounce rate is — it provides highly valuable insight as to how users are likely to navigate your site.

To conduct this Mouseflow review, I’ve installed it on one of my personal sites to give it a test, keeping ease of installation, usability, and value in mind as I go. Let’s find out with this Mouseflow review if it is a tool that provides a serious benefit for any online business.

Mouseflow Review – About the Company

Mouseflow can be described as a Software-as-a-Service analytics tool that tracks the behavior of visitors on your website. Before Lasse Schou (the founder and CEO) released the initial version of Mouseflow in 2009, most software analytics tools offer static charts and graphs or basic reports. In fact, most still do. Mouseflow fills in that gap.

Mouseflow provides a real-time display of the mouse movement associated with your websites’ customers or viewers. The tool also records scrolls, clicks, and keystrokes, so it’s a complete end-to-end system. Viewing visitors’ sessions is an easy and user-friendly experience that makes it easy to analyze the important data quickly by allowing the option to skip pauses. A fourteen minute visit to a website of mine took two minutes to watch with this feature, and made understanding my visitors a quick and painless process.

Mouseflow also offers traditional analytics and reports, and when these features are married together with the service’s comprehensive behavior tracking, web developers and business owners can have a complete and accurate picture of user behavior on websites.

Main Functionality of Mouseflow

Mouseflow is a javascript element that sits in your website just before the tag in the HTML. Adding it is very easy. After a little digging through the support pages that adding the code to a page’s header is possible as well. Some CMS tools will automatically modify script elements, so you’ll have to be careful when you add it in and set it up. But once it’s there, it’s a piece of cake.

I did some testing on my own, to be sure of the site’s accuracy, before writing this portion of the review. I invited a friend over and asked her to navigate a website of mine. I watched what she did and where she moved the cursor, and recorded it in Mouseflow. She was on the site for fourteen minutes, which is much longer than my average visitor, but Mouseflow had no problems recording everything she did and letting me play back the whole file.

Mouseflow captured where and when she scrolled (not to mention how quickly), and it captured all of the external links she was clicking. Every movement was obvious, which I really appreciated. A dummy could use this.

Beyond that, the analytics are actually useful. With Mouseflow, I get to see immediately important information that actually matters to me — how far people are scrolling down pages and even how long it takes my longest page to load. Better yet, it’s all wrapped together in a visually appealing system.

Benefits of Using Mouseflow

I can see a ton of great reasons to use Mouseflow, but let’s start with the obvious: Who doesn’t want to know where their website’s visitors are going? With Mouseflow, you’re in a better position to tend to your customers’ needs while they’re on your site. Virtually any and every business can benefit from that information.

Frankly, if you’re a web designer — and if you have your own website, you are — you’d be foolish not to use Mouseflow. It’s a service most people I know think comes included with any website you build, which makes it practically mandatory. At a low-cost entry point, I see no reason why anybody has anything to lose with Mouseflow.

The Basics: What Does It Look Like

Mouseflow has a simple and obvious aesthetic that blows away most of the competition — particularly the ones that are still only delivering graphs and reports.

Viewing a video playback is done in a nice and simple little tab in the Recordings section, which is obvious enough. Analysis is where things get a little more detailed, allowing you to view heat maps of where the clicks are mostly coming from.

Mouseflow review

The Statistics page is one of my favorite touches in Mouseflow. It’s easy to understand and laid out really well, with headings giving obvious detail as to what you’re looking at. Compared to a service like Google Analytics, navigating Mouseflow is a dream.

Mouseflow review

Support Information

I had to work with the support team early on to identify a problem with my CMS’s rendering of the javascript code. Not only was the issue resolved with some careful reading of available documentation in their database, but setting up a ticket for a more personal touch was easy.

Mouseflow stands by their product and really believes in it, providing excellent customer service that’s ahead of the class in nearly every way possible. In fact, when I asked about what makes them different from the competition, the first thing they cited was the respect they had for tending to their customers’ needs. Their customers don’t feel like Mouseflow is a service; for fans of Mouseflow, it’s a business partner.

Pricing Information

Prices are very reasonable. You can set up a free account, losing only a couple features, for one website with 100 recordings every month. The price goes up from there, but it tops out at $399 a month for 30 websites and 100,000 sessions. As the plans’ costs increase, so too do their associated value. Many of the additional features are worth the cost.

The Bottom Line

Although some people might find adding HTML to their website is a daunting process — and it can be for the uninitiated — we have seen in this Mouseflow review that they can make the entire process as easy as possible. That’s a testament to the amount of care they’ve given the whole product. Mouseflow is easy to use and the services it offers are essential for any business. Beyond that, their fantastic customer service should leave you consistently satisfied. Every online business could benefit from Mouseflow.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 5/5, value 5/5