In our first piece about photo apps, we brought you the scoop on Diptic, Phonto & Instagram. Since then, there have been so many apps that have popped up on the scene that it’s hard to keep track! Have no fear- the team here at /excelamktg uses photo apps every day to make our clients’ content look visually stunning, and we’re ready to share more of our favorites with you.


This app allows you to choose from a variety of formats using the background image of your choice to make professional looking poster graphics. You are able to use the font and colors that the app provides for each layout, or you can completely customize everything to your liking. Phoster is great for designing a full-scale advertisement, or simply for adding a major dose of style & design to a photo that you’d like to share. People’s eyes are drawn to photos on a multitude of social media platforms, so adding text to your images is a major plus.

First, you’ll need to choose your layout from the home screen:

Then, you can add the background image and text of your choice:

Now you get to choose between some finishing touches for a more polished look:

Et voila! Now you have a visually appealing vehicle for whatever message you’d like to send to your fan base.


Similar to Diptic, Fuzel allows you to create collages out of the images of your choice. The only difference is that this app offers more layout options, and it also allows you to create your own layout from scratch!

Feel like getting creative with your layout? Cut out a custom one, like this:

Or use one of the many layouts available from the app:

As you’re adding the images of your choice, you have the option to apply filters available through the app, or you can use another filtering app like Instagram beforehand, like we did:

When you’re done, you’ll have a dynamic visual to share with your audience! Check out this collage we made with Fuzel for the 4th of July:


This app really speaks to the artist in all of us. Apply beautiful filters and effects to the image you’d like to share, and up the wow factor by millions of points. Here’s an example of how an ordinary image can go from “meh” to “insanely shareable” in a few simple steps!

Start with something simple, like this shot of our lobby:

Then browse through the wide range of filters available, and select one that suits your fancy. You can layer filters by clicking the arrow icon to the right and selecting “Add another”.

Not only can you add filters to your image, you can also add effects, like this one from the “light” category:

Let’s compare the original to the finished product to see the difference!

That concludes this lesson on photo apps- join us next time for more social media tips, and don’t forget to download our free 95 page ebook for more information on this and other topics!


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