We have all seen monkeys. They are impulsive, random and quite unpredictable most of the times. Can you imagine how a monkey would react if presented with a mobile device? Don’t worry; you don’t have to answer that. But chances are that you considered a couple of use cases for monkey testing your mobile app when you tried answering it.


There are no hard and fast rules to define use cases for monkey testing. A lot of these test cases would overlap with performance testing or load testing or any other testing for that matter. Also, the test cases would depend on the kind of app and the device in question. However, here is a list of generic monkey testing scenarios that you could try on your apps:

  • Check the application response, when changing the device orientation continuously in different angles
  • Check whether the application is detained, when dragging the screen to the top/bottom end continuously
  • Check the application response, when tapping on the list item while scroll of the list is in progress
  • Check whether the application screen is loading continuously without any data and network failure message, when there is network problem after the data call
  • Check whether the application is crashing, when scrolling the list up and down rigorously
  • Check whether blank screen is exposed, when the user trying to retrieve the data with different filters continuously
  • Check the application response, when tapping on two or more action buttons simultaneously
  • Check whether continuous tapping on create/save button results in creating duplicate records
  • Check whether continuously tapping on Load More button leads to application crash
  • Try to perform multiple operations for different data calls at the same time

As mentioned before, there is only a thin line between few of the scenarios above and performance or load testing test cases. Depending on the nature of the app, say Temple Run, you could go as far as checking the performance of the app while the device is thrown up in the air or twirled on a table. So, yes, monkey testing calls for the wildest imagination of mobile app testers.

What are some of the monkey testing use cases that come to your mind? I would love to hear them.

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Image Source: open.salon.com