As a marketer, when I think of mobile, I’m reminded of Monty Python’s skit about Spam. In it, no matter what the customer orders, the dish is served with Spam. Mobile’s the same way: Have a website? Mobile’s the answer. Involved in ecommerce? You need a mobile strategy. Social media? Must have mobile. Email campaigns? Ditto.

Despite all the hyperbole, there’s good reason for this – In the next couple of years, more people will access the Internet through their mobile devices than through laptops or PCs. Already, social media and email are the top uses of mobile internet time. Any marketer without a game plan for this is going to be seriously left behind.

In his new eBook, Harnessing Social Media and Mobile for Email Marketing, David Daniels takes a slightly different approach to the problem. Instead of focusing on the design and content implications of mobile and social, he outlines ways in which marketers can use those 3 channels to enhance their relationship with customers, such as combining twitter and email metrics to understand engagement, or ways to SMS codes for easy email acquisition.

One idea I particularly liked about the eBook is that David tackles the organizational challenges of merging multiple channels. Best practices are all good. However, there are always challenges to implement in real life, and this is where David introduces the concept of the Connected Marketing champion.