Mobile Apps Vs Mobile WebsitesIt’s common knowledge these days that having a mobile presence for your business is one of the best things you can do. Being accessible to your customers via mobile is simply smart business nowadays, as such a huge percentage of people are surfing the web and conducting business solely via mobile.

The question is, should you have a mobile optimized website or a mobile app? Both? How do you decide?

We’ll explore the differences between a mobile website and a mobile app so you can make an educated decision on which one can propel your business forward.

Mobile Websites
A mobile website is basically just a website that is optimized specifically for smaller screens, often has touch-screen capabilities and is more streamlined for ease of access and visibility. They are designed to be accessible through any mobile browser on almost all smart phones. All you have to do is type in the URL on your device, and the site automatically detects that it is being accessed through a mobile device, changing its settings to optimized media.

Mobile Apps
A mobile app is a bit more engaging, and to many people, better. An app must be downloaded and installed to your device, such as a smart phone or tablet. You access it from a mobile marketplace like Google Play, the Apple App Store, or Amazon Marketplace (and others). While it takes more effort to download and install (and more room on your device, of course), it offers specific features and functions that websites do not.

Mobile-optimized website
– Makes websites more accessible for smart phone and tablet users
– Mobile friendly layout, improving functionality and visibility
– Easy accessibility
– Simple but effective functionality

Mobile App
– User control over features and functions
– Customer-specific incentives, rewards and communication
– On-the-go functionality
– Push notifications, geofencing, and localized marketing
– Social media interaction
– Loyalty programs
– Mobile payments and accounting features
– One-tap functionality
– Increased customer engagement

Both mobile apps and mobile websites have a place in the mobile driven market these days.

Mobile apps & mobile websites have many upsides to consider. However, it is a good idea for most businesses to have both, but if you are hard-pressed to choose one, we’d go with a mobile app every time. You can offer your customers much more engaging functionality that will show a higher return on investment.

Customers are likely to download the app when they find out about all of the incentives and rewards involved, they’ll share on social media, which will allow you to recruit more clients, and you can always be available to them 24/7. You can offer your customers excellent customer service and save time and money on your end through streamlined functionality.

Apps are the way of the future simply because they offer both your business and your patrons around-the-clock accessibility, ease of access, fun and convenient interaction, and incentives to keep using the app.

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