This year, getting ready for the Super Bowl includes more than putting on your team’s colors and buying lots of chips and dip. Now, football fans are doing something else in preparation for the big game: downloading mobile super bowl apps!

According to Mobile Marketer, Shazam, is a mobile app that many football fans will be downloading. Shazam is an app that captures music, gives you information about songs, and lets you buy songs directly. Mobile Marketer says, “With Shazam’s 175 million users, marketers can assume a significant overlap with their customers. So it makes sense that one-third of the Super Bowl ads on Sunday, Feb. 5 will be Shazamable.”

The article went on to say, “Consumers who use the Shazam app to capture audio from these commercials will be able to enter sweepstakes for major prizes, view special content, and receive free music. The results are impressive: Shazam-enabled ads are claimed to deliver 350 percent higher engagement over ads whose only call to action is “Follow us.”

In addition to all the football fans downloading Shazam, they’ll also be downloading the Chevy Game Time app that gives users a chance to win free prizes (including Chevy vehicles) by answering trivia and questions during the game.

Mobile Marketer says, “The Adbowl 2012 mobile app lets you vote [on your favorite Super Bowl commercials] and view results from the comfort of your couch. Will it be Geico’s gecko or Kia’s hamster? The nation awaits the results.”

PepsiCo is also encouraging mobile check-ins with social TV and user interaction during Super Bowl XLVI using the aforementioned Shazam. Notes Mobile Marketer, “The brand’s TV commercials are focused around Pepsi’s sponsorship and work with Fox’s The X Factor show. The ads will feature a Shazam logo in the bottom corner of the screen that users can snap with the Shazam app. Viewers who use the Shazam app can watch a music video during the show.”

“Pepsi is also using GetGlue to interact with users during the Super Bowl game. Users who check-in to the game can access additional content and receive coupons for buy-one-get-one-free Pepsi products.”

The Coke polar bears will be reacting to game plays and Super Bowl commercials in real-time on the company’s micro-site. Fans can visit Coke’s Facebook page to RSVP for their mobile-friendly Coke Polar Bowl.

I spoke with Bryan Laurienti, co-owner of BBB Systems and he said, “The Super Bowl is already a very social event, so adding mobile technology into the mix presents brands with an exciting opportunity. They’ll be able to reach more users by word of mouth and they’ll see a big jump of pre and mid-game mobile app downloads thanks to social sharing.”

We want to know: Have you downloaded any Super Bowl mobile apps?