Interconnectivity is a key to business success. Most workforces, especially in the tech industry, are on-the-go. How many times do you check your email from your smartphone or tablet a month? A week? A day? That’s just one example of how mobility is changing the way business is conducted. Can you think of any other examples off the top of your head? Bet you can!

A recent Televox study found that mobile traffic increases by 3.5 percent each month across all industries! Wow! If that statistic is not enough to blow your hair back, maybe this one will: according to eMarketer, local mobile searches (expected to be 85.9 billion) are projected to exceed desktop searches (currently 84 billion) for the first time in 2015.

I’ve rounded up a few facts and figures about mobile search that I hope will blow your data nerd mind.


7 Mobile Statistics (To Blow Your Mind)

• Global smartphone use will reach 2 billion by 2015. (SOURCE: Bloomberg)
• Nearly half of American smartphone owners used shopping apps in June 2012. (SOURCE: MarketingPilgrim)
• 45 percent of users between 18 and 29 use mobile search daily. (SOURCE: Icebreaker Consulting)
• 31 percent of mobile Internet users mostly go online using cell phones. (SOURCE: Pew)
• Tablet users access search 73.9 percent of the time, more than any other activity. (SOURCE: eMarketer)
• 77 percent of mobile searches occur at home or work—even if a PC is nearby and readily available (SOURCE: Search Engine Land)
• 46 percent of mobile users say they are unlikely to return to a website they had trouble accessing from their phone (SOURCE: Gomez)

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Image Credit: Flickr, DHammza