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“Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!”

People of a certain age (ahem) will probably remember that angsty cry from perpetually downtrodden little sister Jan Brady. Jan was younger than Marcia. She wasn’t as pretty as Marcia. And poor Jan just never seemed to get as much attention as Marcia.

So here’s my question for marketers: Are you treating your mobile site like your website’s younger sibling?

If so, you’re probably missing opportunities. (Remember: Jan had talent, too! She just needed a chance to shine!)

MarketingLand reported on a study by InMobi that shows just how powerful mobile marketing is becoming.

The InMobi study shows:

  • People who go online “mostly via desktop” are now a tiny minority – only 11%
  • 28% of people split their time between mobile and desktop
  • 37% of people go online mostly via mobile
  • 23% go online solely via mobile
  • And get this: 61% of people report using their mobile devices while watching TV

Time for a Self Check

How does your company’s website look on mobile? Don’t just think about it – whip out that smartphone and take a look.

Is it easy to find your phone number and address? What services you offer? What people should do to get more information?

Remember, mobile is not just about having that information available, it’s about accessibility. Here are some things to think about:

  • Can visitors easily click on information, or do they need to enlarge links first?
  • Do images load slowly, hanging up the entire experience and possibly prompting visitors to search elsewhere?
  • Are landing pages mobile-friendly? Is it easy to type in information? If you have forms, are they concise so people can get in and get out quickly?

Take Advantage of the Medium

Keep in mind, if someone is going to go to the trouble to look up something on their phone, they’re probably looking for something very specific.

You can use that to your advantage. Consider adding a “chat now” feature to your mobile site. That will allow visitors to chat with customer service representatives immediately. Remember, some people appreciate the anonymity and low-pressure option of being able to chat online.

For those who prefer to speak to a person, include a “call now” button on your mobile site. That way, visitors won’t have to jot the number down or toggle back and forth between the website and the phone keypad.

Remember, mobile is a different beast. It’s time for Jan Brady to take her place in the spotlight.