In a Bulk SMS Marketing campaign the KEYWORD is the word texted to an SMS SHORTCODE, such as 51444 that can be used to generate sales or for promotional activities.  You may be most familiar with mobile shortcodes and keywords commonly used for text in competitions on TV and radio shows. For example, “Text WIN to 51444 to win a new car” (that’d be nice!!) or “Text SENDMODE to 51444 for your 10% off Coupon”.

Mobile keywords are an extremely powerful and essential tool in building a successful mobile marketing campaign. A Mobile keyword can enable two-way messaging, offering an excellent way for you to engage with your current customer base and entice new customers to opt in to your marketing messages. Once a customer opts in to one of your marketing campaigns, they are permanently added to your database for future promotions and advertising. In essence, your aim is to ensure responding to your opt in keyword is; quick, easy and error-free.

To get customers to sign up for your SMS Marketing campaign, place the mobile shortcodes and keywords into your existing ads, whether they are on billboards, radio, TV, in newspapers or magazines. This means the customer can text their permission for you to send them SMS.

You can use mobile shortcodes and keywords endlessly:
– VIP promotions
– Competitions
– Coupons for free drinks or food
– Surveys
– Get opt-ins from your customers
– Event bookings and much more…

Some tips for using mobile shortcodes and keywords…make sure they are easy to remember, use one word in your keyword to limit errors, don’t include any special characters such as ?, #, €, £, ! and avoid using the letter ‘o’ and the digit ‘0’, they are quite difficult to decipher on text and are easily confused.