Mobile Security In A Changing World: Devices, Apps & ContentMobile security is increasingly important topic in today’s ever-changing mobile world.

It comes up in almost every conversation with customers, at every industry conference, and in boardroom meetings around the world.

Security has been an issue that has slowed down some mobile deployments as companies struggle with finding the right approach. In industries where regulations abound, security can never be ignored.

I have recently attended several security conferences, including the Gartner Security and Risk Summit and the SANS Mobile Security Summit. These events afforded the opportunity to have several conversations with CISOs and IT Security executives and discuss issues they are facing with mobility.

The enterprises I spoke with have common requirements when it comes to mobile security. They know that there isn’t one single magic bullet to solve all of their problems. but they don’t approach the issue from the same angle. Historically, most companies approached it from the hardware perspective – they managed the settings of a mobile device to secure the data on it. This was typically done through a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution.

Today companies are looking at security not from the device level, but from the application level. Trends like BYOD and the requirement to share corporate information with the extended ecosystem of partners, distributors or others are driving this new approach. Think about the application as “the new endpoint”. Instead of managing the settings on a piece of hardware, you can inject code directly into an application to add a management and security layer. And the beauty is that today you can do that without writing any code – through a technique known as app wrapping.

Yet another area focus for many companies is to secure the content itself. For example, securing documents, spreadsheets, videos and reports directly. This could include content sitting in a content management system like SharePoint or Documentum or personal business documents that you want to access from a mobile device. Adding a layer of security at the content level and embedding that content into applications is another way many companies are looking at securing corporate data.

Consider all three means of securing corporate information – from the device, application and content perspective – you can start to get the full picture of what it means to truly secure your enterprise.

After dozens of conversations at the Gartner and SANS conferences, it became increasingly clear that this multi-layered approach is what many companies are searching for. However, stitching together a disparate collection of tactical solutions from a variety of vendors is a nightmare for the security department, who wants to take a more strategic approach to security.

To combat this I encourage you to take a look at SAP’s Mobile Security solutions.

Stay tuned for more – I look forward to sharing a new mobile security whitepaper that dives deeper into this topic in the coming weeks.