Every year the internet becomes more and more important to our personal and professional lives. People, businesses, governments, organizations, non-profits, NGOs, and everyone else find themselves utilizing the internet incredibly frequently. We’re getting access to better technology: smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks, and the trusty computer.

People using the web rely on some form of search to get what they want. We are increasingly relying on social media to interact with others and network as well. Today, Adobe’s Digital Index Report provided information about searches and social engagement, and it has some interesting information about the direction of advertising and brand engagement in the online world.

Digital Marketing Changes

According to Tineka Smith at Computer Business Review, “Facebook interactions and overall paid search continues to grow, predominantly from increasing mobile traffic.” At first glance, I thought that was good news for Facebook. But then I started to dig a little more into the numbers in the Digital Index Report.

There are some critical stats showing the importance of search, mobile, and brand engagement and how effective they are online. In terms of Facebook’s brand engagement, it grew almost 900% since Q3 of last year. 900%! On top of that, mobile accounted for “almost 25% of all Facebook engagement.” It seems that Facebook is beginning to tackle its mobile problems, and with growth that massive, other companies are taking notice.

Spending and ROIs improving

Sure, more engagement and more mobile use is one thing, but is it affecting the bottom line of businesses that engage in it? Yes. Charlie Osborne with ZDNet reports, “U.S. search spending grew by 11 percent year-on-year, and ROI improved by 26 percent.” Internationally, in the U.K. and Germany the numbers were similar with a bit more spending. With an already high ROI compared to traditional marketing, and with the knowledge that digital marketing’s ROI is continually increasing, small and large businesses might want to get in on this!

The Digital Index Report sees these trends continuing and increasing for Q4 of this year. This report is just another reminder that digital marketing on the web is booming. It has a great ROI when done properly, and there’s no sign of a letdown. In fact, growth is expected to be 15-20% next quarter. More importantly, mobile is gaining a larger foothold in the world of digital marketing.

There’s a Shift Occurring – Don’t be Left out

The industries that operate in the world of digital marketing are starting to hop on the mobile bandwagon a bit more seriously than they initially did. Osborne with ZDNet reminds us that “mobile traffic is predicted to result in one out of five paid search clicks.” This means we’re going to increasingly see marketers find ways to specifically target mobile and tablet users.

As much as I thought that marketing and brand engagement for mobile would take years from now to really be adopted, after seeing this report I now realize that the hype behind mobile is, for the most part, totally real. Using digital marketing to reach customers and expose your brand to potential customers has been moving increasingly online, and now it’s going mobile more than ever. It’s also going to be more profitable, and more vital, than ever before.

You don’t have to take my word for it, read what David Karnstedt, a senior VP in Digital Marketing at Adobe says will happen if businesses adopt a digital marketing strategy: “By strategically adding these elements, marketers exponentially increase their overall ROI.” Adobe gets it, and so do a lot of big tech companies engaged in digital marketing like social media, Twitter, and blogging. The sky is the limit for digital marketing, and things are looking good for the field.

Do you have a digital marketing plan for the future? Does your business need to focus more on mobile engagement?