Marketers Call Tracking BlogIf you’ve kept up with the marketing trends for 2014, it probably seems like every marketer is talking about mobile. In fact, they’re talking about mobile on their mobile device (probably while playing Candy Crush).

That’s because the move to mobile is having a huge impact on lead generation. There were 30 billion inbound sales calls made to businesses in the US alone last year, and thanks in part to the popularity of smartphones, that number is expected to reach 70 billion by 2016.

What’s more, studies have shown that these inbound calls are the most valuable type of lead, converting to revenue 10 times more than web clicks. It’s why marketers are spending $68 billion annually on ads to generate those sought-after inbound sales calls: phone calls mean revenue.

As marketers focus on mobile and other strategies to drive inbound calls, they want to see the full lead generation picture. Those phone leads come from a variety of sources, and marketers need to know which ones are driving the most calls, and, most importantly, the most sales opportunities and revenue. To do it, marketers are investigating call tracking solutions.

Marketers Are Exploring Call Tracking Software

Call tracking is a form of lead attribution and marketing analytics technology. Marketers and agencies use it to track inbound phone calls back to the specific marketing sources they originated from, and then follow those leads through the sales cycle to revenue.

Call tracking technology enables you to track inbound calls back to any marketing source: online, mobile, or offline. You can attribute phone leads (and the pipeline and revenue they generate) to specific ads, campaigns, keyword searches, referring web sites, or any other marketing source, including Google SEO and PPC.

If that lead goes on to become an opportunity or a customer, you can tie those events back to the original source. This allows you to understand and prove how your marketing is generating phone calls, impacting lead generation, and driving sales.

Finding the Call Tracking Solution That’s Right For You

Being able to track, score, route and report on phone leads all with one solution sounds great, right? But making the decision to purchase a call tracking technology can be complicated. There are lot of questions you should ask, strategies to consider, and legwork around watching demos and talking to sales reps, not to mention cost and implementation factors.

To help you make the best decision for your business in the shortest amount of time, we’ve provided a Buyer’s Guide to Call Tracking Software for Marketers. We encourage you to use this guide as your personal resource. If you have additional questions about call tracking or voice-based marketing automation products, feel free to leave a comment below!