Mobile Security Issues Facing Businesses in 2016

If you are an entrepreneur, there are many reasons why you should consider building your business around a mobile app. No entrepreneur should be cheated into thinking that mobile apps are only for well-established businesses that have their names rooted in the market. As long as they adapt appropriate strategies, small businesses and entrepreneurs can benefit immensely from mobile apps. It is very important to first note that it does not really start and end with a mobile website. There is more, much more, that needs to be done to achieve the desired results.

With mobile, you can access a product that basically everyone on the planet is using.Building a start-up around such powerful, popular and influential tech as the smartphone is simply good business.

If you, like most people, are on social media, you have probably observed that many businesses have adopted a strategy of interacting with their customers on a regular basis. This is obviously a successful way of establishing a relationship with your clients and therefore helping be able to retain them. There are many benefits that come from the decision to use the mobile technology in your business; key to this is the ability to take engagement to the next level.

Before starting your project, you should consider the following: Can you provide a fun or useful mobile experience based on your idea? If at first your idea doesn’t generate as much excitement as you think it should, keep working at it until it does. Exploit your imagination and come up with some creative ideas to see if you can improve your idea before you begin. It is in this process of refining that an idea may just end up popping into your mind that takes your app to the next level and makes it something that users will get excited about.
What are the benefits of building your business around a mobile app?

Mobile apps are always in your users’ hands

According to the recent statistics; the average American will spend at least two hours a day just scrolling through his or her mobile device. Mobile apps keep your customers within reach, regardless of the kind of service or products that you offer. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a small business or a large business, whether you have a brick and mortar store or you sell online, a mobile app can place your business right in the palm of your users’ hands.

Mobile apps create a direct channel of communication

When it comes to mobile apps, so many functions can be served. For instance, an app can be able to provide general information, prices, booking forms, search features, user accounts, messengers, news feeds, fun and many more useful or important functions. One big benefit with using a mobile app is the fact that all the information that you may wish to provide to your customers will always be right at their fingertips. Push notifications will get your even closer to your customers due to the enhanced interaction. They are perfect for reminding customers of your products and services anytime it makes sense to do so.

Mobile apps work to build brand recognition

A mobile app does a great job when it comes to magnifying the name of your business. Starting with a blank canvas you have the opportunity to put anything you want on it. Use this space to put those features that will be useful to customers and put them in such a way that the app will allow them to develop positive feelings towards your brand. Remember, as soon as your mobile app gets downloaded by a user, whether or not she or he is using it at the moment, they will see its icon on their device and be reminded about your application and brand.
Why is mobile such a great opportunity?

Did you know that currently over half of the Internet browsing that takes place in the US occurs from mobile devices? Wherever you go, your smartphone goes to. The smartphone gives you the opportunity to leverage this device and the data it is able to gather. This data gives you the opportunity to create a personalized experience for your users.

Opt-in data programs are more popular amongst users than you might think, since a large percentage of users will want their user experience improved by opting-in. This data will help you to build an app that your users will want to use. If you are building an app in 2016, you need to make sure you are taking an approach that will focus on your users and creating personalized experiences for them.

One thing that is becoming more and more apparent is that a business is no longer just defined by their products. Now it is also about the experience of interacting with that brand. By personalizing your user experience you are able to take your engagement with your users to the next level and when properly done, this will also help build trust in your brand.

With 46 percent of smartphone owners saying their smartphone is something they cannot live without [Pew Research], clearly there are great opportunities here for entrepreneurs who discover how to navigate these waters. Smartphone users perform all sorts of tasks via their phones. 68 percent of smartphone users have used their phone to follow a breaking news event, 62 percent to look up health information and 57 percent have used their smartphone for online banking[Pew Research].

Final thoughts

When developing your app make sure that you taking a customer-centric approach, this involves not only using data to deliver a personalized experience but also building your app to fulfill users’ needs. According to Pew, smartphone owners see their smartphones as helpful, connecting and freeing. Your app should work to enhance these feelings or at least not run counter to them.

Don’t let yourself get bogged down in trying to decide whether mobile is right for you or not and don’t be afraid to get started. As Richard Branson said, ‘it’s better to do something imperfectly, than nothing perfectly’. With mobile apps you can learn along the journey and refine your application, improving as you go.