Apple’s newly announced iOS7 will bring Apple Maps and Siri to your vehicle next year. How does its integrated system look to change car tech?

What marketers need to know…

With this robust solution, Apple enables drivers to use an OS they’re familiar with. That should help with the complaint that many car systems suffer from bad UX. Plus, it’ll work over Wi-Fi, thanks to AirPlay.

Apple Maps data appears on your car’s dash-mounted display, and Siri will even read texts out loud. Do those improvements mean more driver safety, and the end of fumbling with your phone?

We noticed BMW and Ford were off the original list of brands to go iOS. However, BMW recently opted for the pared down “Eyes Free,” while Ford is staying committed to SYNC, which is powered by Microsoft.

Will those two automakers miss out as drivers expect new cars to come with the full iOS? Will brands seize it—creating apps that tie specifically into iOS in the car? Yelp could, for example, show favorites as you drive by, and Starbucks could let you place an order before you get there.

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