MM21 – What You Can Learn From the Best iOS 7 Apps (So Far)

Apple recently released iOS 7, and everyone has an opinion on the design that’s the biggest change since the OS’s inception.

As the dust settles, we’re looking at some of the best apps that were released alongside iOS 7, and how you can look to them to take advantage of iOS 7′s new features.

First off, when Apple releases a new version of iOS, it’s the perfect time to update your app. American Airlines was one major brand that did just that, and its app update features a great use of transparency as well as transitions.

Another update we really like is Hipmunk’s, a travel app for searching for flights and hotels. The app makes nice use of motion; for example, tapping on a hotel makes the photos slide across the screen, letting users know there’s more to see.

The new motion in iOS 7 in general lets users know how to interact with different parts of the screen, building a more intuitive and engaging experience.

Another major brand that’s taken advantage of iOS 7′s new user interface and features is the New York Times. It has even made a bold choice by dropping support for iOS 5 and 6, as Apple now allows users to download previous versions of an app for whatever device they have that supports it.

iOS 7 allows the New York Times to introduce an interface that’s cleaner than ever, featuring a great use of transparency that defers to the content. This is a major principle of iOS 7—let the content come first.

Whether you’re updating an existing app to iOS 7 or building a completely new one, also make sure to consider the use of motion and transition in your app, and how that will help you create a compelling experience for users.

And if you don’t already have an app in the app store, right now is a great time to start.