The real estate industry was made for mobile marketing. You’ll be hard pressed to find an agent who doesn’t own a smartphone. You’ll also struggle to find a homebuyer who isn’t using their mobile device to find a home these days.

Mobile usage is no longer on the rise. It has risen! Just take a look at these numbers from AdAge

  • U.S. mobile ad spending in 2013: $8 billion
  • Growth in 2013 U.S. mobile ad spending: 75%
  • Projected 2013 U.S. mobile ad revenue for Google: $4 billion
  • Projected share of U.S. population with smartphones in 2014: 50%
  • U.S. unique visitors who access Facebook via mobile device: 110 million
  • Average minutes a day adults spend using mobile devices: 141

We all know iPhones and Androids are popular. You might even be reading this article on one of these devices. But, how well are you incorporating mobile marketing into your real estate marketing efforts?

I have long preached that marketing is about giving people what they want in order to achieve a goal. Well, people want information on their mobile device. This is no different in the real estate world. The mobile phone is ever-present in the property buying process. Let’s take a look…

Mobile Marketing and Real Estate: Research

I call this the tire kicking phase. It can start on the couch and end up in front of a dream home. As an agent, you can be there in each of these moments if you plan and execute a smart mobile marketing strategy.

For example, we’re all familiar with the real estate flyer… the post card. We get these in the mail all the time. What happens? Well, they usually get thrown away? Why? Because, paper gets lost in the shuffle.

What if you integrated mobile into your print marketing efforts? You could add QR Codes to the postcard listings which link to a mobile microsite specifically about that listing you’re trying to promote. Give them a reason to add you to their beloved smartphone.

Let them know that if they scan this QR Code, they will get more information, maybe even a video tour of the home!

You could also direct the recipient to a landing page where, in exchange for an informative eBook or a useful coupon, they sign up for your email newsletter.

Email newsletters are being read more and more on… you guessed it, mobile phones. And email newsletters are a great way to stay in front of your clients.

Of course, printed post cards aren’t the only way your buyers will find you. They do research online for properties. There are tons of listings in the databases out there. What you need to do is stand out from the rest of the agents. Give them something more!

You have an opportunity with all of your listings to include some information about you. Why not include a blog? And make sure that your blog is setup for mobile devices. For more on this, check out this post on Responsive Design vs. Mobile Microsites.

What about out in the field? QR Codes can be useful here as well. How about placing a QR Code on your for-sale signs? Link these codes to microsites about that listing…

Refine Properties Myqrosites Listing

Mobile Marketing and Real Estate: Discussion and Planning

We all know about “the couple.” The dynamic duo looking for a home. Good cop, bad cop. Husband and wife. Partners in crime!

Home buyers seem to always travel in pairs. Why wouldn’t they? This is a big decision. They need all the help they can get.

So, how can you help them make the right decision? How can you use mobile to aid in their discussion and planning process? Simple. Make it easy for them to find and share information about your listings.

As they’re looking at a mobile microsite for one of your listings, make it easy for them to share this information with their partner in crime…

Refine Myqrosite Share Options

You can do this with your blog posts and listings online. Make sure you include your contact info, sure. But also make sure it’s easy for them to share this information through an email or social network.

Mobile Marketing and Real Estate: Decisions

Decisions are made based on advice, influence and level of comfort. Using your content, you can establish credibility and trustworthiness. Using email and social media, your message can be spread, shared and validated.

All of this, working together, makes choosing you and your properties that much easier.

Or you think about it this way. How many times does a prospect drive by a property or look at the pics online before making that decision? Quite a few times, I would guess.

What if they were doing this on their phone with your contact information just a click away? What if they were doing this on a site with feeds to posts about the neighborhood or schools where the property was located?

You are the one providing the information they need to make that decision. You are building trust by providing them value. Your clients are looking for more of a reason to do business with you, because they can. They have all the information they need at their fingertips. Why do they need you???

Decisions are based on trust, convenience and economics. Mostly, in that order. Cover these for the mobile user and they will need you.

What do you think about mobile and the real estate buying experience. Any good stories to tell? How about bad ones? Please share in the comments section below.

A version of this post originally appeared on the Myqrosites blog.