Verschlüsselung im E-Mail-MarketingOur mobile devices have become the most intimate electronic part of our lives, never leaving our sides. They’re connected to us, our needs and wants, our habits, our every need. Mobile is also the most critical tool for marketers to reach consumers on the go. Mobile platforms – smartphones and tablets combined – account for 60% of total time spent on digital media devices, up from 50% a year ago. Clearly, mobile is the way of the future, linking our lives to the rest of the connected world – our cars, our homes, and our health.

That’s why Teradata’s acquisition of mobile software-as-a-service company Appoxee will do more than simply expand our portfolio or world class solutions – it will further our global vision of being the most customer-centric digital marketing company in the mix. While Teradata has offered mobile marketing capabilities in our solutions for some time, we’re adding exciting new technology and talent with the addition of Appoxee to Teradata Digital Marketing Center.

Appoxee provides a powerful solution for mobile engagement – including push and in-app messaging, data collection, analytics and optimization with reach to millions of devices worldwide. Working with brands including Domino’s Pizza, Playtika (part of Caesars Entertainment), National Geographic, Fox, and Televisa, Appoxee has built reputation as a mobile innovator with market-leading features in areas such as message personalization and best time to send optimization.

Marketing strategies centered on real-time, individualized, and contextual mobile communications will be the ones that break through the clutter. Recognizing that societal trends are shifting toward a mobile-centric marketing approach requires marketers to take a hard look at their campaigns and how they share information, especially with younger generations who are tomorrow’s most profitable customers.

But, as with any communication platform, mobile cannot be viewed merely on its own. Managing and analyzing customer communications in real-time across email, landing pages, SMS, social media, and mobile push in concert with non-digital channels is crucial to a successful multi-channel approach. Though it seems harped on much in the marketing tech space, it’s paramount for marketers in today’s data-driven age to be equipped with a powerful option for fully extending their customer engagement strategy to mobile platforms, tightly integrated with a digital marketing hub. Why? Quite simply, that’s where the customer is.

We’re excited to welcome Appoxee to Teradata Marketing Applications. With better solutions for multi-channel mobile insights and communications, marketers will be able to orchestrate the experiences to customer growth and brand success.