Do you think mobile marketing is just for big businesses with a large budget? Think again. Small businesses just like yours are making the most of multichannel marketing, including mobile marketing. By integrating mobile SMS campaigns with the other interactive marketing methods, today’s savvy small businesses are gaining visibility and increasing their bottom lines.

Benefits of SMS marketing

SMS marketing can be highly effective when done right, even for a small business. Did you know there are approximately four billion mobile phones in the market today, a full 75 percent of which are equipped to receive text messages? In contrast, only about 25 percent of the market currently owns a smartphone. With such a broad audience, it’s no wonder SMS remains such an effective marketing technique, especially for small businesses. In addition, launching and managing an SMS campaign is fairly affordable, which is welcome for a small business that may just be getting its proverbial feet wet in the professional realm. There are no paper products to worry about and analytics happen in real time, so you can make immediate decisions about changes to the campaign.

By sending your customers a text reminding them of your promotions and putting your company name in front of them, you literally keep your brand in their back pockets. However, SMS marketing can go wrong very quickly if you are not careful. Your loyal customers will be happy to know about specials you offer, but they don’t want to get multiple texts per day from your organization. Not only is this annoying, but it could increase their texting bill if your messages send them over their limits. Keep your marketing efforts reasonable to avoid alienating your target market. Also, if you’re gong to engage in SMS marketing, make sure you follow all of the regulations in the CAN-SPAM Act so you don’t violate the law as you try to reach your customers.

Can SMS marketing be effective? Absolutely. In fact, Mashable indicates SMS marketing may the most effective mobile marketing technique for small businesses seeking to reach a mobile audience. After all, a small business owner’s goal is to reach as much of the population of the target market as possible with one advertising push because there may not be a budget for multiple campaigns. SMS allows for this activity.

Combining mobile marketing with other interactive channels

Mobile marketing is effective because it reaches the customer in a moment, provoking a quick response. But to be completely effective, it needs to be combined with other interactive marketing channels in a multichannel marketing approach. Email, social marketing, websites and even other mobile products like marketing apps need to combine to promote your brand. Even if your business is small, take the time to create this type of multichannel campaign to reach all of your potential customers, no matter where they are spending their time.

How does this approach work? If you launch a SMS campaign, it should mirror the campaign you are running in your email marketing program. It should also draw people to your website, which should be optimized for both Web and mobile users. This type of organizational structure will help your business maintain a competitive edge, even when working against large competitors. It also ensures your customers will be fully engaged with your brand, no matter which way they opt to interact.

SMS is a cost-effective, profitable marketing method and it integrates well with other interactive marketing methods, making it a good choice for small businesses seeking to engage their customers in the moment. By including SMS in a multichannel marketing approach, the small business owner can take advantage of the growing mobile audience while still maintaining a workable advertising budget.