We’re back from Mobile World Congress, full of energy and excitement after a week spent networking with the industry’s finest mobile marketers and global tech leaders. MWC is one of our favourite events each year, it never fails to create excitement in the tech industry. Here’s our recap of the event that took everyone on a trip down memory lane before launching us into the future.

We took a trip to the year 2000

Nokia transported everyone to the year 2000 as they relaunched the 3310, one of the best selling phones in history. The 3310 reboot solves a lot of the pain experienced by the modern day smartphone user. Smashing costly glass screens, losing bluetooth headphones, constantly monitoring battery life percentages and phantom phone buzzing. These are just some of the harsh realities that smartphone users face and annoying habits that we, as users, have developed. We were impressed by the prospect of playing snake for hours on end, but we’re not quite ready to part ways with our smartphones. If you’re hoping to get your hands on Nokia’s nostalgic reboot, you might be out of luck. According to TNW, the phone sets will be practically unusable in the US, Canada and Australia as the phone’s “old band frequencies” will render the model virtually impossible to connect to most present-day carriers.

Nokia 3310.gif

The future is coming & it’s fast…

Announcements surrounding 5G dominated the headlines with tech nerds and mobile leaders discussing the next leap in technology and what it means for the future of mobile. Here at Localytics, we’re excited about the fifth generation of cellular networking and its potential impact on app marketing and mobile engagement. We’re looking forward to being at the forefront of how app usage will change as 5G becomes a reality.

5GThe Future is coming.png

Time to connect & time to party

MWC attracts a crowd like no other conference. We had the pleasure of connecting with some of our European customers like LaLiga, Amadeus, and Shopfully. This was also a great opportunity to catch up with some of our partners, such as mParticle, AppsFlyer and Tune. We did squeeze in some time to socialize after hours by attending incredible events like Mobile Marketing Magazine’s mobile mixer party on February 28th.

MWC Party.jpg

The world of mobile is rapidly evolving. We’re excited to see how apps will develop and grow in sophistication, as they become easier to use and more personalized. Mobile is going from strength to strength as mobile technology continues to play an even bigger role in the lives of individuals worldwide. We’re interested to find out what the rest of 2017 has in store for the mobile industry and our team is already looking forward to next year’s conference. Afterall, working from sunny Barcelona does have it’s perks….

MWC Beach.jpg