Going on vacation for a little R & R is one thing, but when you’re traveling for business, that’s a horse of a different color. You will rely on your mobile phone to be in touch with business colleagues and clients, but you can also take advantage of your mobile as a tool in coordinating projects, managing deadlines or preparing a pitch for your newest business opportunities. Don’t lose important business while you’re in transit.  Instead, load the mobile that you use at home with a few high-powered apps and transform it into a business tool that will keep you at the top while you’re at home or on the road.

Get Rid of Roaming Charges While Traveling

Don’t make your clients jump through hoops trying to connect with you while on a business trip. Before you leave home, download Roamer, a free app that makes it cheap and easy for you to use your own mobile with your regular phone number while traveling. Instead of paying standard roaming charges when calling with your own mobile number, call with Roamer and save a bundle. After downloading the app to your mobile, register it with your regular mobile number – the one that your clients and colleagues are familiar with. Afterwards, whether you are using your mobile at home or abroad your calls will show the same ID.

With the Roamer app installed you will have a choice between using the Internet for your calls or sticking with a regular mobile network. While you can realize the greatest savings by making your calls over the Internet (Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G), you might prefer the reliability of a regular mobile network. If so, just insert a local SIM card into your mobile. Whether you are at home or away, you can use Roamer to save money on your international calls.


Loading Up Your Mobile

In a few simple steps you can turn your mobile into a portable office that will serve you well whether in the office or on the road. Mailwise is an app especially geared to the large volume of emails that are associated with business. Keep your emails organized and secure by using this app to handle multiple accounts all in one place according to your preferences. Don’t mess with different windows for every email client—it handles them all. You can even display different accounts side by side. It has a great conversation view that is clean and easy to use and setting up Mailwise is simple.

Don’t risk forgetting an important appointment or task by relying on your memory! When multitasking begins to get out of hand, download Ondigo to organize your day-to-day tasks and manage networking while on the go without spending valuable time inputting data. Use Ondigo to record conference notes, important conversations and business appointments all in one place. It will separate your business contacts from personal and keep you in touch with your associates wherever you are.

If you have only one project to handle, you might be able to do that the old fashioned way, but handling multiple projects can get complicated. Don’t let important details fall through the cracks! With Wrike you can manage your projects and collaborate with clients from your mobile. Download Wrike to set goals and deadlines, track everyone’s progress, create task lists and share your files with colleagues. It has a workspace where you can communicate with consultants, clients and members of your team in real-time. It lets you set controls on the level of access for each person involved and you can create customized user groups. There is also a private workplace where you can consolidate all of your projects and tasks. With Wrike, everyone will be on the same page.

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