I don’t know about you, but when I get done with my work day, I pack up my laptop, take it home, and will likely not touch it until the next work day. Over 90% or more of my recreational internet use and at least 25% of my work internet use is on a mobile device (tablet or phone).

And I’m not alone. As of this year, over 50% of internet use is now on mobile devices. With 4G cellular data faster than most home connections and WiFi hotspots, its so much easier to leave the computer in the bag and use your tablet or phone to view the web.

Hiring a firm to design your website to be mobile-optimized is critical. This is called responsive web design. Your website’s content should adjust its size and location on the screen in response to the screen size and resolution of the different devices used to access it. This approach also significantly cheaper than developing a native app.

Its seems crazy, but even in this day-and-age, many web designers undervalue responsive design. Don’t let them fool you! Up to 80% of your mobile users will leave your website if it isn’t mobile friendly. If you’re investing into a website, make every dollar count! Build your site so your users stay and spend money–let us build you a responsive website.

At Marketing Press, we go one step further and encourage mobile-first web development. This means that we develop and design your website to look best on small-screens first and then add in the enhancements that make your site pop for those with bigger screens on desktop or laptop computers. If you use a design firm to design your website first, encourage them to make small-screen specs in addition to the standard large-screen layouts. If we design and develop your site, trust us that we’ll put your mobile user first.

If you have any questions about responsive design — drop us a line or leave a comment below.