MEAP or Mobile Enterprise Application Platform is a cost-effective solution for businesses to mobilize enterprise workflows in a fast shifting market.


No business, from small mom-and-pop stores to large corporate houses, can deny the impact of mobility. Employee expectations and work patterns have changed just as consumer behavior has evolved. The omnifarious adoption of smartphones and tablets has customized people into expecting instant information and transactional power anytime, anywhere – on business and personal fronts.

Enterprise mobile solutions exist to meet the business needs of employees and consumers. Without them, businesses cannot survive or compete in the modern economy.

The second stage of enterprise mobility:

Enterprises are well past the tug-of-war on enterprise mobility. The questions of today are:

  • How to leverage mobile solutions to compete, grow and generate more revenue?
  • How to cope with rapidly changing technology without losing market share?
  • What mobile application development approach is best suited to needs?
  • How to integrate mobility with existing systems?
  • How to ensure enterprise grade security for business and customers?
  • And, how to manage and govern enterprise mobility?

Mobile Enterprise Application Platform or MEAP delivers a solution.

How does MEAP help your business?

Any enterprise with a mobile strategy should consider MEAP as a mobile application development approach for:

  • Cross-device compatibility: You cannot keep developing mobile applications for all mobile operating systems, versions, screen sizes, and device types that exist or get launched. Not only is the task too expensive and time consuming, it’s a job well lost. What you need is a “code once, deploy anywhere” kind of solution.
  • Get it all – web, native or hybrid: If you’re looking at a universal solution, you need a platform that supports development in languages of hardware/software agnosticism. While native mobile apps are still the best for many device dependent capabilities, most business solutions work well enough as web or hybrid apps. With MEAP, you can build any solution you want.
  • Make or break – enterprise security: Whether we’re talking resident data, data traffic over airways or the internet, identity management or user access control – an MEAP helps to manage it all. Enterprise security seems like nothing till it comes back to bite you so don’t make the mistake of taking it casually. Ever.
  • Marketplace access and management: You want a platform that allows you to publish your enterprise mobile solution in desired marketplaces (Apple, Android, etc.), allows easy updates of the app, stops older versions from functioning or accessing old links to your backend. Many MEAPs have their own marketplace as well.
  • Prebuilt components for integration with backend systems: Enterprise mobile solutions almost always integrate with backend enterprise systems. MEAPs come with prebuilt APIs or adapters to access the systems without having to build things from scratch.

Keep in mind that not all MEAPs are created equal. Match your requirements with MEAP features before you take a decision.

Are you looking for an MEAP? What are your biggest concerns?

Develop application that suits your needs.Download the whitepaper below to know more about your choices native, hybrid or mobile web apps!


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