The Super Bowl is the biggest one-day event for many marketers. While the buzz may be all about what the millions of TV viewers will see during the big game, we are asking what the attendees will see at the game and how they will engage on their mobile devices. There will be over 72,000 attendees in the Superdome on Sunday, and millions of people attend other sporting and live events year round. The use of mobile devices at events opens up a new world of marketing options for event promoters, advertisers, and brand sponsors with the smartphone now servings as a camera, GPS, communications device, source of information, and social media center.

Because 2013 is forecasting to be another big year for mobile, marketers should hop on these opportunities to enhance consumer experiences via this channel. With event-based marketing offering a captive audience, it’s the perfect way to drive opt-ins for future marketing messages and also segment consumers into channels for later communication. For marketers, it presents an opportunity to run campaigns that capitalize on event content, milestones, enthusiastic fans and rivalries that will strengthen loyalty and acquire new customers.

For brands considering using mobile at an event to build buzz and create brand engagement, here are a few key plays to make it a success:

  • Keep it simple. Make sure there is instant gratification and provide an immediate incentive to participate. Offer a chance for instant seat upgrades at the concert or game via text message.
  • Ask for opt-ins. Use the event to capture mobile opt-ins from attendees so you can continue communicating with them after the event. Sweepstakes entries are a good enticement to obtain opt-ins.
  • Set proper expectations for success. A Green Bay Packers game in December may not have the same level of mobile interaction when fans have thick gloves on. Signage at indoor concessions would be a better promotional area for mobile interaction.
  • Have a presence. You’ll want to have a booth or designated area for fans to interact with your brand in person. Offer special deals for new customers and thank you gifts for existing ones.
  • Think multi-channel. Specifically about how mobile web, SMS, and more traditional forms of communications can work together to maximize the user experience. A QR code on an event program can lead to a mobile web page.