The main point of a mobile device is to have communications and Internet access everywhere you go. However, recent studies are showing that mobile devices are being used much more often in the home than they were just a year ago.

According to the broadband usage report from Sandvine, mobile device use now accounts for 20 percent of traffic on a home’s broadband network, which is up 9 percent from the year before.

This might be a result of the time we spend in front of the TV. According to Nielsen, 40 percent of Americans use their mobile device while watching television [Click to Tweet This Stat].

Also, bear in mind that as time progresses, more and more of us are being transitioned off of our unlimited data plans with our cell service providers, which means we actively search for Wi-Fi connections wherever we can. This fact might account for some of the spike in more mobile devices on home networks.

This data tells us there is a very high chance your website or eNewsletters are being accessed by your audience on their mobile devices. This makes it extremely important for you to optimize your digital marketing for the smaller screens and parameters that come with mobile device usage.

According to the same Sandvine report, iPads account for more home traffic than any other device, so you’d do well to avoid using Flash on your website and tailor your font sizes so they’re easily read on smaller screens.

Television advertisers realized the potential of the fact that 40 percent of viewers are on a mobile device while watching. Many of today’s TV ads encourage visiting a website or tweeting with a brand’s hashtag. Anyone see KFC’s new commercials with #iatethebones to promote their new boneless fried chicken? It’s common for fans and critics to live tweet TV shows and networks often pull some fan tweets and share them.

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