Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce: Shopping Until We Drop...Our Mobile Devices?!It seems like everywhere you look, people are walking around with their heads down checking their mobile devices (on average of 150 times/day!). Everywhere from walking across the street, to sitting in business meetings, and even while shopping. What are users doing? Ultimately, they are supplementing their experience.

As smartphone users are shopping through racks at the mall or selecting furniture at IKEA, they are also browsing online and conducting shopping comparisons to enhance their experience by learning more about products or finding the best deals. Since most smartphone users [literally] have the power of the Internet at the tips of their fingers, they are using that power to make the most of the situation.

In the retail world, these mobile devices can obviously boost online and in-app sales, but they can also boost in-store sales if the strategy is executed effectively. That means that retailers who are making their mobile devices part of the experience, will provide a full on and offline shopping experience to make the most of both opportunities.

Paul Capriolo, CEO of in-game advertising platform, Social Ingot, explains that, “Mobile devices are storefronts with dynamic and infinite locations that have opened a whole new world of in-store behavior that has resulted in a smarter and more sophisticated shopper. Retailers that embrace this change and prove value through the mobile medium will earn consumer’s trust and the increase of sales that will accompany [the trust].”

This means that mobility is just another way of reinforcing the relationship between retailer and shopper, and it is being embraced and accepted, when it’s done correctly.

On and offline retailer, Home Depot, focused on a strong mCommerce strategy in 2012 and saw great results. Their redesigned and custom-build mobile site was reported to have doubled traffic and conversions and increase mobile sales fourfold. Home Depot equates this success to knowing their audience and knowing what they want when they are using their mobile devices.

In December 2012, General Manager of Mobile for, Matt Jones, said, “We [Home Depot] are seeing a rapid escalation in the number of visits, in the types of usage, and in the customer’s desire to interact with our mobile content.”

They’ve classified their audience into two types – the DIYers who want content and convenience on-the-go, and pros/contractors who want what they want and want it quickly. For the latter audience, the buy on mobile and pick-up in-store function was a bonus and has been very popular.

The ease mobility has brought to shopping and the complementary services it offers to the in-store experience could just be the boost retailers need and will help them navigate the changing space and use it to their advantage. Learn to navigate the space by checking out the Mobile Commerce eBook.