High-tech is a very relevant term – the cutting edge of technology will get dull after a while and require reshaping every few years. If you only stick with what you know and what you feel comfortable with, which is mostly old methods and technologies that you have grown accustomed to, you will be losing out to businesses that strive to improve and are constantly evolving with the times. You don’t want to be the equivalent of a grumpy old grandpa waving his walking stick in the air and talking about how he doesn’t understand these kids with their fancy phones and silly haircuts. Take a look at some of these useful Point of Sale (POS) apps that can help you update your business practices.

PayPal Here

You can make your transactions quite simple with this app that requires no additional setup fees and has no hidden fees involved – you are just charged a small percentage of the bill for every card swipe, and at 2.7% per swipe it is a very competitive price. The app works with the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. You can quickly include taxes in the price of any given item or include them in your purchase total. A PayPal account is easy to set up and once you have it you can sit back and relax. Get the App.

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This app includes a free card reader that you can simply plug into your mobile device (it fits into the standard iPad or iPhone audio jack) and allows for speedy payments – swipe the card and you’re in business. The app is compatible with QuickBooks POS for improved functionality. Speaking of functionality, in the event that you don’t have your card reader with you, you can still scan the card using the camera built into your mobile device. You have two basic payment options – pay a 2.75% rate per swipe, or pay a monthly fee of $12.95 and have a reduced rate of 1.75% per swipe. Get the App


ShopKeep POS

A cloud-based point of POS system, the ShopKeep POS can be quickly installed and offers a 30 day free trial version, which is more than enough time to get acquainted with the app and see if it’s working for you or not. You can use it to track sales data in real time and track your inventory. You have additional safety as you can set different levels of access for different employees. The interface is very intuitive and user friendly, allows you to customize orders and even lets the customers leave a tip and sign the bill on the touch screen, which can later be emailed to them. In terms of versatility and quality the ShopKeep POS app is hard to beat. Get the app.


Cashier POS Register

As the name ever so subtly hints at, this app is designed to replace a traditional cash register and life much easier for the person behind the counter. The catch here is that the app is integrated with the Cashier Live online application and you will need to open an account. You will also need an internet connection to use the app. However installing the app and setting up an account take very little time and you will even get a two week free trial period for Cashier Live to test it out before you make any decisions. Once everything is online you can use the app to ring up sales, allow for multiple payment options, modify existing items, create a comprehensive inventory with descriptions and pictures, email or print out receipts (the app works very well with Star receipt printers) create a frequent customer database, run reports on Cashier Live, etc. Another great thing about it is that they provide good customer support, an option that, in the app world, is often missing or leaves much to be desired.  Get the app.


Having a good business strategy these days means integrating smart phone technology into your POS system, which will only make it easier for your customers to spend their money – less hassle for them means more money for you. These are the perfect tool for people who run retail stores, fast food restaurants and other small businesses.

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