Many companies are turning to the world of mobile apps to try and drive their sales and marketing campaigns to success. With hundreds of thousands of apps available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play store, companies are wise to try and take advantage of mobile marketing, which has become a necessity.

More and more people are replacing more traditional computers, such as laptops or desktops, with mobile devices. There are so many different types of mobile devices available – smart phones, tablets, and hybrid tablet/phone combinations. Companies must target these users specifically and be a part of the mobile revolution to stay current. A traditional website is perhaps not the best way to go, as some sites are distorted on mobile devices, and in Apple’s case, Flash is not supported.

One way to capture these primarily mobile users is to have an app. Many large stores and companies have apps where customers are able to buy merchandise right from the app. These companies include Target and Amazon. Many deal of the day type sites also have mobile apps.Groupon and Living Social are popular examples of these sites. Lots of smaller companies have their own apps as well. Consider creating an app with a purpose, even if you don’t use it for direct sales. Getting company information and/or signing up for emails is a good way to engage a mobile user with your app.

Apps are also being used more and more as a physical selling device, as well. Apps like Square and its competitors allow users to download their app and order a small credit card reader for free. Then, the app charges a certain percentage per transaction, every time that the app is used as a card reader. This is a huge development for small businesses who can’t afford to pay what are sometimes exorbitant credit card fees. These apps are used by businesses such as food trucks, independent hair stylists, and so many more. You could even get a reader in order to take credit cards at a garage sale, that’s how easy it is.

You can also use mobile apps to help your company’s sales force be prepared at all times. Storage apps like Google Drive or Dropbox can hold presentations, sales materials, and contact information. This way, everything can be easily shared on the go. Anyone who asks for more information about your company can have it, instantly, rather than having to wait to go home and check a website (at which point they have probably forgotten all about it).

The use of mobile apps for sales purposes will only continue to grow. As we all know, hundreds of new apps are created every day. Many of these apps will help to improve sales, lead generation, and information sharing. If you have a business, it’s critical to keep up with the newest apps that are released. Who knows, an app that is created tomorrow may be the perfect sales tool for your business.