Mobile phones have become one of the most important gadgets today. People use it either for work or for entertainment purposes. For most people who are always on the go, they would want to have mobile applications that they could use anytime and anywhere they go. It would also keep them up-to-date with all the latest news and trends in the society.

Mobile applications help people in making everything easy to use. It also keeps them busy outside of their workplace or house. Here are some of the most popular mobile applications used today.

Social Networking


Can’t get enough tweeting your friends with the latest news that you have just read, seen or heard? Then Tweetbot could be the best mobile application for you. It is a Twitter client application specially made for iPhone and iPod touch users. Tweetbot’s easy-to-use interface and updated timeline view are just some of the highly regarded features that people enjoy the most. It also supports other services such as Instapaper, Cloudapp URL Shortening, and Read it Later. With its latest version, Tweetbot 2.0 became the newest craze that most Twitter fans are addicted about.


Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks today. People can now enjoy chatting, exchanging pictures and posting statuses with a mobile Facebook application at hand. One can easily upload the funniest photo that they have captured directly into their Facebook account. Facebook apps for mobiles have a simple interface that people could easily navigate. It also allows users in searching for anything on Facebook.


WhatsApp messenger is a group chat mobile application wherein different people included in a group could exchange messages without spending money for SMS. This mobile app is available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia users. WhatsApp can also be used as a medium in sending unlimited videos, audio media messages and images.


To most people, the use of Foursquare helped them explore the world and keep up with their friends. It is a mobile application that can easily tell your friends your location and exchange comments and pictures. Many places also offer discounts and rewards upon unlocking badges and earning points by just using Foursquare.



Tired of bringing your laptop just to have access to your files? With the right mobile application, you do not have to carry your laptop everywhere. Dropbox is a mobile app that can be used for online or offline document viewing. Dropbox users can easily share photos and videos with their friends and family. This is the perfect mobile application which suits people who are always on the go.


Want a mobile app that would enable you to have an easier way of typing text on any type of screen? At 40+ words per minute, Swype displays the most appropriate layout for QWERTY keyboard which can be easily edited. It is commended as one of the fastest text entry method that can be installed and used for any mobile phone today.

Astrid Task/ To-do List

Many people love how Astrid synchronizes their to-do list without any hassle. It is a mobile application that lets its user in sharing the list of task that they have to accomplish with their friends, family and colleagues. It could easily coordinate a group with checklists which could be related to their everyday chores. Astrid Task could easily be downloaded and saved in a SD card.


A mobile application that is created for Google Android and Apple iOS, Bump is mainly used in exchanging or “bumping” different information of two smartphone users. It is also one of the most popular free app that people can download directly from App store or Android Market. Want to “bump” the number of your all-time crush? Then Bump is the right application for you.


A free mobile app that can help its user in remembering information, Evernote is an easy-to-use application that can be installed in your mobile phone. It would allow users in taking notes, capturing images, recording voice messages, and creating to-do list anywhere at any time of the day. It mainly syncs notes coming from a computer or laptop with a mobile device to make is easier to be viewed by the user.

Health and Fitness


Looking for a mobile app that would provide you with a personal trainer for your fitness regimen? Endomondo is a phone application that fits your needs. Using this application, your exercise routine would be more fun. It also keeps you update on your milestone to a healthier and more fit lifestyle. An Endomondo user can also have a real time pep talk with their friends who are following them.


Tired of the same old way of losing weight and dieting? MyFitnessPal is a mobile application that can help you in counting your calorie intake. It is an application tool that gives its user with a detailed diet plan to start a healthy lifestyle. It contains over 350 exercise routines ranging from cardio to strength trainings that could help in burning extra fats in your body.

Run Keeper

Fond of running during the afternoon after work? Are you looking for a mobile application that would keep you up with your workout performance? RunKeeper is the running app that would suit you well. It has a GPS Activity Tracker that helps a runner to avoid getting lost in his way. It also has an iPod integration that keeps you upbeat with music that perfectly set your mood for some running activity. Activities done with a RunKeeper can be shared with friends using Facebook and Twitter integration.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is an alarm clock that helps in analyzing sleep patterns of people who are using it. It also wakes a user during the optimal time, usually 30 minutes before the time that a user’s alarm. This is a mobile phone application made to improve one’s sleeping pattern.


Sky Sports News

A big fan of sport stories? Sky Sports News app would be a good mobile application for you to download. It provides you with the latest updates about different leagues of sports. It also allows its users to watch the Sky Sports News channel using their mobile phones.

BBC News

Want to get updated with the latest news around the globe? BBC News offers a mobile application that would keep users upbeat with the latest news that is circulating around the world. It offers a channel of BBC News that can be streamed live. A user can easily personalize this mobile app according to their preference.


An organized article reader that should be synced with Google Reader to automatically see which posts have you read so far. It gives you with Google Alerts and other applications that can be used while reading articles from the web. So far, Reeder gained a lot of good feedbacks from its users due to its easy-to-use interface.


Angry Birds

Who wouldn’t know Angry Birds? It invaded iPhone and iPod touch users due to its addictive gameplay. With a low price, one can be entertained with its comical style of entertainment. Angry Birds is a touch-based game application that can be played using a slingshot that would launch the birds toward the pigs positioned in different structures. So far, this is one of the most successful applications ever made for smartphones.

Temple Run

Want an adventure based game application to enjoy? Temple Run is another one-of-a-kind game application enjoyed by a lot of people. It would test your reflexes while racing down along the temple by just swiping to turn, jump and slide to collect coins and power ups and avoid different obstacles. It could be played with 7 different characters that one could get from constant wins and coins collected.

Plants vs. Zombies

It started as a computer-based game. Plants vs. Zombies can now be played using your mobile phones as a game app. It is played with high definition graphics that would surely entice a lot of gaming fanatics. Aside from the usual Plants vs. Zombie battle, this game app also offers other mini games that can be unlocked and played after reaching a level.



Going gaga over music related applications for mobile? GarageBand is an application that would give you an easy review and trainings for playing different instruments used in a band. It also provides its users with a professional recording studio where people could create music even with the use of your mobile phone. This music application is the best app for any music lover or band member.


Trying to find a perfect music identifier that would give you the ability to recognize and tell the user everything about the track played? Shazam can easily do that. It helps users in buying tracks via iTunes and watching music videos on YouTube. One can also share music with their friends by integrating it with Facebook and Twitter. Get the best kind of music app that would help you in identifying a song you don’t even know.


Want to learn a new way of listening to music? Spotify would show you how. It is simple to use and navigate. One just has to search for the song and Spotify would play it for you. After downloading and installing it into your mobile phone, you must first create an account and login with your username and password to readily access it.


Bored with the same playlist? Djay mobile music app is the perfect application that would spice up your phone’s music playlist. It can easily mix iPod music libraries into a hyper-music playlist that anyone would surely love. Like what a traditional DJ would do, it mixes and scratches certain songs in your playlist and record this performance making you look-like a DJ superstar.



Seeking for an app that would give you a chance to design and draw while on the go? iDesign is a mobile application especially made for people who needs a professionally made illustrations either for work or for leisure. This art app has offset controls that help in drawing accurately with the use of your finger. It is a perfect app for creative individuals that would want to express their selves often through art.

Art of Glow

If you are fond of creating glow in the dark artworks, the Art of Glow app would be the best choice. It helps mobile users in creating glow in the dark paintings because of the elegantly designed application. This application is made with a high flexibility adjustment and bright glow colors that users can choose from.

BlockArt HD

Missed playing Lego? BlockArt HD, a Lego-like mobile art application, is a building app where people could use when bored out of work and would like to take their creative side on the go by building things and watch them come to life. The interface of BlockArt is very simple that even children can use it with ease.

Animation Creator HD

This is one of the featured “App Store Essentials” under the category of Painting and Drawing. Animation Creator HD is a mobile phone application that gives your creativity move a little bit higher with Audio and HD features. One can easily make an animation clips and upload it directly to YouTube! Even with the simplest interface, it still has a one-of-a-kind drawing tools that can enrich one’s imagination.



Take photos into a higher step by creating stories about these most intimate moments captured by an app like PhotoGram. It customizes the delivery experience of the photo by adding unique themes that one can choose from and sends it via Email, Twitter or even Facebook. This is the quickest way to send extraordinary PhotoGrams to your friends and loved ones.

Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is a mobile application that quickly edits a photo captured by your mobile phone and shares it to your friends via Facebook and/or Twitter. Just like the ordinary Photoshop software used in many computers nowadays, Photoshop Express could handle photo improvements even by just using your mobile phone. The effects used are almost the same as the computer software. Want your photos always look good to be shared online? Photoshop Express can be of great help.

TiltShift Generator

A simple photo taken by your phone’s camera can be enhanced to become one of the best ones with the use of Tiltshift Generator app. It gives special effects into your camera with a wide variety of parameters that can be easily adjusted using this app. It has various resolutions that can be used in adjusting the details of the photo taken.

Frame x Frame

Want to extend the photography capability of your mobile phone? Frame x Frame is the app that would help you in getting your phone camera reach another level of awesomeness! It could easily produce photos that you wouldn’t think a phone could capture. One can also easily share these photos to your friends in just one click!

You Gotta See This!

Nope. This is not a panorama photo, but this mobile app creates artistically inspired collages of different images by moving the camera slowly around in a 3D space. It is one of the best fun ways of taking pictures and images without a lot of effort. It simply gives you what your friends gotta see!


Google Googles

This is a mobile application that helps in analyzing images and identifying them for places and landmarks. It let you take pictures and use them to search the web. It can easily give you the right search that you need with the help of the photo that you have taken with your mobile phone.

Lockout Mobile Security

Secure your mobile phones with a free anti-virus protection that would look after your phone. Since a lot of mobile users are storing different data into their mobile phones for easy access, Lockout Mobile Security would easily detect and block malwares, spywares and Trojans that might threaten your phone’s security.


Are you in need of a mobile application that would help you in managing your phone apps in a fun and quirky way? Appkik provides cool animations for simple killing tasks. It manages and share apps easily without having to worry for too much hassles. Appkik can be downloaded in its pro version to remove the support ads.


Google Maps

With Google maps app, you will never get lost in an unfamiliar place. It is very easy to use and comes with a free, voice-guided GPS navigation system. Google maps can direct you in going to places you have never gone before. This mobile app is the most useful app for any person who is always on the go.


Just point and this application will get you anywhere! Poynt is a mobile app that helps a mobile user locate restaurants, events, people, businesses, and special offers that they need to find. It also has access to contact details, directions, and reserving tables at any local restaurant. This is the best mobile app to help people who need information about different entertainment and leisure places in their location.

Map Droyd

Here is a free app that is used as an offline map guide for people who are always on the go. Map Droyd can provide its users with an unplugged map access and avoid too expensive network connection for mobiles. People will never have to worry about accessing maps offline and can be readily used anytime and anywhere.