In today’s competitive structure, you need to adept but respond to the emerging opportunities for growth. Technology is evolving at an extraordinary pace and the focus on the right spheres will let business to take it up a notch.

Mobile Apps The Faster Horse For Your Event Strategy

A recent survey points that b2b exhibitors believe exhibitions create awareness, identity and reach new customers. Also, 71% of small business owners consider events an important platform to reach marketing objectives; and 81% of SMB planners already leverage digital tools, mobile and social media for event planning. Working with multiple tools can be onerous and you don’t have to make it harder than it is. In fact, many mobile app companies have created multi-faceted event apps for businesses- personalized attendee experience, super simple data driven platforms to measure engagement levels and maximize ROI.

If I’d have asked my customers what they wanted, they would have told me “a faster horse”- Henry Ford.

With increased dependency, obsession on smart phones and socials, mobile is the new catalyst for event marketing and mobile events apps the faster horse.

Confused Going Mobile?

Let’s look where we are headed. There are more people on earth with mobile than toothbrush or toilets. A question to the world hygiene, but the fact is mind-boggling. Technology is at forefront. Especially mobile influence on business is outpacing desktops at a startling pace. Being mobile-accessible is inevitable for every organization, that is where the prospects are and you want to serve them there.

When it comes to events, running an event app outdoes the traditional strategies. Undoubtedly, its cost-effective and the practical solution to maximize ROI. Study highlights businesses save up to 291 hours every year utilising mobile technology, estimated 5.6 hours gain weekly which can be invested to generate funds and stay focused on what that matters.

Lead Attendees

With event marketing, mobile apps are effective to build virtual connections and the integrated social functions help attendees’ access speaker profiles easily, share content, discover, connect and network with right connections. Event details are accessible right from the app. No need to switch between apps, or from socials to the app. They enhance attendee experience.

Mobile phones now account for upwards of 20% of global Web usage, and we will see that continue to grow. Any business that has customers should consider having an app.” – Qayed Shareef, Chief Executive, Mimvi

Beyond The Physical Venue

Presentations are no more consumed physically but on this media, can be live-tweeted, commented and discussed; measure simultaneous engagement on the platform. Hash tag your event, an inevitable ingredient for the interactions to perpetuate and go viral. The emerging digital platforms have unlocked the possibilities from its physical environment, adds virtual events a lot more user interaction.

Save and Monetise

It’s not the obvious. Let’s save some trees first. Event apps are 100% go-green, paperless experience and you save time, also thousands of dollars.

Create new revenue streams. Exhibitors can set up profiles for reach and exposure; you can custom-charge the sponsorship opportunities that includes personalized messages, branded splash pages, push notification, directory listing, badges etc depending upon the event and volume.


Going mobile brings efficient networking, and does it stop there? The benefits are boundless. These platforms facilitate interactivity with attendees and speakers (shoot questions to speakers and organizers, etc), with other attendees. Want elevated interactions? Create interactive mechanics, have your attendees collaborate or compete on games. Its gamification demystified- who doesn’t like fun and yes you have to refresh everyone (including you).

No More Guessing. Measure

Numbers don’t lie; maximize your ROI and measure with the powerful analytics. Audience insights right on your palms; slice down and know the impact of different sessions, content and other modules. Real time and post event data to help you adapt, improve on your future events.


In a world increasingly leaning mobile and apps accounting for more than half of the mobile usage, it’s time already to adapt mobile and event apps are excellent brand promotion, marketing and networking tools of the time.

The evolution of these exciting digital grounds has increased audience experience and value; loyalty for your organisation follows. Fortunately, you don’t have to ask for it. It’s already there!