restaurant mobile appsSome restaurant owners might view a mobile app as a project they simply don’t have time to take on. We think it’s the opposite way, however – a restaurant can’t afford not to have a mobile app. Why? The efficiency and profitability gains are just too good! Read on to find out how mobile apps can make a restaurant run more smoothly and generate additional revenue.

Mobile orders

When customers can submit orders through your mobile app, you cut down on lines, wait times, and employee order taking. By removing the human element, you can also reduce errors in orders, and make it easier to record special requests and boost customer satisfaction.

Also, as an added bonus, the average order price goes up with mobile orders! This is due to a number of reasons. First, people have all the time they want to decide – there’s no rush at the counter to submit an order. Second, upsells can be set up automatically, making it easy to suggest natural add-ons that customers might not think of on their own.

The result is bigger, more profitable orders that come in to your restaurant automatically!


When a customer has a mobile app downloaded on their phone, you can use push notifications to send them messages about special deals and events. This opens up a cost-effective new avenue for promotions, and makes marketing a lot more efficient. You may not do away with the expense of mailers or circular ads completely, but mobile promotions will still provide an unbeatable bang for your buck.


Mobile apps make it easy for customers to refer friends through features that allow users to post to Facebook or tweet about orders. This helps you generate new business without any additional effort or cost. It doesn’t get more efficient than that!

Loyalty programs

With a mobile loyalty program, you can offer a way for customers to earn rewards without having to remember to bring in a punch card. Mobile technology means that customers never miss out on rewards, and administration of your program becomes easy and efficient.


Mobile reservations are a must. They cut down on employee phone time, and give customers a way to make reservations, cancel if needed, and handle everything without having to yell over a busy restaurant. Time is saved and operations get that much more efficient.