After long, sometimes acrimonious, sometimes harmonious, mobile app design, development and testing cycles, the app is available to users.While everyone breathes a sigh of relief on a job well done, the battle to make the mobile app successful has just begun.


The most crucial piece of a successful mobile app is your user’s voice. Are they using the app? Do they love it? Do they hate it? Did they delete it after a week?

Gathering this information is not hard, given the amount of mobile app analytics tools available. The tools give you all kinds of information, both basic and advanced. You can find out the number of users who registered, which areas of the app they used most, how the app performed, did it crash, what errors they encountered and a host of other information. In essence, you can see how your regular app users use the app.

For example, consider a mHealth app that provides features for patients to make appointments, set up medication reminders and provide feedback on their provider.

Which feature is the most used? If the app analytics data tells you that patients rarely book appointments with the app but track their medications daily, then it gives you significant insight into app usage. You can drill down further to see if patients abandoned the “Make an Appointment” midway or whether they did not use it at all. If there was a high rate of abandonment then that tells you that the user experience is a problem and needs to be addressed. If they didn’t use the appointment feature at all, then you push this down lower in your prioritized list of features and move budget and resources to higher priority items in your list.

With mobile app analytics, you can slice and dice the data to draw conclusions that ultimately decide which features to focus on, which features to put on the back burner and how to overall improve user engagement.

There are a lot of tools and APIs that integrate seamlessly with the app to provide these valuable insights. Leveraging these tools and using the findings to improve your mobile app ultimately leads to a refined, high-value product that provides value to you and your user.

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