How’s it going everybody? Today I’m excited to introduce a very simple new sales tactic for you to use with existing small business customers or to show them how you actually drive more online reviews over Facebook, Google, Yelp, Zomato, TripAdvisor, it doesn’t really matter which one. We call this the ‘Review Us’ strategy.

I want to start out by putting out why reviews online are so important. So, looking at this image right here, 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. Legitimately, 9 out of 10 people who come into a small business have read about them online before they’ve even gone there, so that is incredible. That should be a huge red flag for businesses that don’t have a brand management strategy or an online review strategy; they absolutely have to have one.

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So, to drive it even further, customers are likely to spend 31% more on a business with “excellent” reviews. So, your customers are searching for you and they won’t go to your business until they’ve read your reviews and, if you have great reviews, they’ll spend 31% more than someone who had not read a review of your business. So, not only are they reading reviews before they go there so you need to have good reviews no matter what and, if you do, you are rewarded very well for it by the tune of 31% more in terms of how much they’ll spend at the business.

On the flip side, 86% of people will hesitate to purchase from a business that has negative reviews online. So, you really need to have an online review strategy and this is a very simple but effective way for small businesses to utilize a mobile app to get more online reviews.

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So, how can you get more mobile online reviews? So, the strategy that I like to really stress to re-sellers is there are two things that you really need to do. One is that you definitely need to get people to download your application; if you don’t have any users, no-one is going to be able to review your business through the app because no-one’s there.

So, how do you get users to download the app? The #1 way in my opinion to get users to download a mobile application is to entice them with a piece of functionality that is useful. That could be a loyalty program, that could be a mobile food ordering program, a reservation system, it could be a flyer on the front of your business that says you’ll get special offers that are in-app only. There’s a ton of different things, but you want to think in the mind of a customer, “What’s in it for me? Why should I download this mobile application?” That is so critically important, to get users to download the mobile app. So always make sure you are enticing users and telling them why they need to download the app, what are they going to get out of it. Because, in all honesty, if I went to a restaurant and saw that they had a mobile app and that’s all they told me, I wouldn’t download it. But, if I went into a restaurant and they said, “Hey, you can save time next time you come here with our reservations feature and also potentially get some reservation points”, I would definitely download that app because that provides a lot of value to me. So, entice users to download your app with functionality that users will really benefit from.

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And then, once you have users on your app, you can encourage them to leave reviews by sending a push notification with a reward. So, if I download an app for one of my favorite restaurants and I’m already using the loyalty program, I downloaded the app, I’ve been enticed in, and then I get a push notification that says, “Hey, review us on Google Places today and get 20% off your next meal, just show us your review”, I would do that in a heartbeat. It takes just me two minutes to write that review, I’m already a fan of the business, I’m a loyal customer and I’m becoming more loyal because I’m getting rewarded for helping the business out.

So, to drive this even further, there are two things that I want to separate. So, you really want to understand what small businesses are selling to their customers and how you can, basically, position this to a small business. If they’re selling specials or coupons, easy scheduling, easy food ordering, loyalty programs – those are the things that customers want and will be enticed by to download a mobile application. But, as a re-seller, what you are selling to small businesses is more social media activity, more customers, more loyal customers, more online reviews which is what I’m going over right now, more organic traffic. Basically, you’re selling them an all-in-one marketing improvement tool. You’re looking to improve their business and improving their online reviews and getting them more positive online reviews helps get more customers, helps with loyal customers, it helps with so much in terms of driving new business and strengthening the bottom line and helping them out-market their competition that it’s very, very critical.

So, this also ties really nicely with improving your client’s health score. So, when you give your client a health score and you say, “Hey, you’re not doing too well in the online review area; I have a strategy for you” – because that’s probably the first question they’re going to ask, “How are you going to get me more online reviews? I don’t get it”. And so, this is a strategy for you to present to them on how you’re going to get them more reviews through a mobile application.

So, I’m going to pull up the app builder and making this in your app is very simple. So, what I’m going to do is I’m going to head over to the ‘Build’ section and I’m going to click ‘Add a New Feature’, and all I’m going to do is add a new website tab. This is going to allow me to integrate instant access over to their Yelp page, their Google Places page, and then also their Facebook page. I’m going to start this off with naming the tab “Review Us”. So, I’ll give this feature an icon; just for the sake of time I’ll select this one right here, maybe move it up towards the top because it’s probably a pretty important feature. Now, the next thing I need to do is add a navigation bar. I’m going to add “Review Us On Yelp” and add in their Yelp page. And it’s really that simple. So, I’m going to go ahead and give it a Yelp icon, hit ‘Add’. ‘Add New Web View’: “Review Us On Facebook”.

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You’ve got to remember that all of these are important. You want to be active across all of these channels. In terms of reviews, in terms of literally everything related towards the small business, anywhere that they can get reviews you’re going to want them to make sure they’re getting more reviews because people are looking not just on Yelp. Yelp isn’t the only place they people look for reviews, they look everywhere.

So, I’m going to add this in, too; just a simple link, takes customers straight to their Facebook page and I’m going to hit ‘Add’.

And then I’m also going to add, “Review Us On Google”. And so, the trick with Google is you really just have to type in the business’s name, make sure that it shows up on the right hand side, and now when I take this big URL right here and add it in, it’s going to show at the top they review. So, it’s going to be basically clear as day where they review from there.

So, I’ll go ahead and select a Google icon. And I grabbed these icons from the web as well ahead of time, you can easily type in “Facebook icon”, “Yelp icon” and you’re good to go. So from here I’m going to go ahead and save. Now I’m just going to preview it to make sure everything looks good. Alright! So when I click on ‘Google’ as you’ll see, they can immediately start clicking in here, reading about the business, and they can review it right from the application. The same on Facebook and also the same with Yelp.

And so, now what you want to do is you want to encourage them. So, you’ve enticed them with great functionality, they’re using the mobile app on a frequent basis, they’re receiving loyalty points, they’re scheduling appointments, they’re ordering food, you’re saving them time, you’re making their lives easier. So, let’s give them a nice reward. So head over to the ‘Manage’ area, go to ‘Push Notifications’, and from here you can enter in any sort of text that you want. So, if you want to target all of your reviews you can just say, “Review Us Today On Google and Get 20% Off Your Next Meal!”

I’m going specific to Google, because I think it’s just more direct, it tells them specifically, “Go to Google”. And it’s, like, Android, iPhone users, you can also connect your Facebook and Twitter users as well, so you can send this out to your social media accounts as well. And then from there you can link this, and this is what you really need to remember, is link to a specific tab. So, I’m obviously going to link to the ‘Review Us’ tab, and then I’m going to link to ‘Review Us On Google’. And then, when I go and I send this message out, the push notification, when they slide it open it will take them immediately to the page that they need to review on. So, you’re saving them, like, four clicks within the mobile application, which is very important. So, I’m going to go ahead and click ‘Send’ and that’s pretty much it. And that’s how simple this strategy is.

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I hope you guys enjoyed this. Again, improve your clientele score cards, get them with an online review strategy that actually works and you’ll see your businesses seeing a very high return on investment from the mobile app in no time.

Hope you guys enjoyed this short video and I look forward to hearing your feedback. Thanks, everyone.