The information below is a transcription of the material shared in the video above – it was originally delivered verbally as opposed to in writing, so if you have the ability we recommend that you watch the video.

How’s it going everybody? In this quick sales tactic webinar for you as a mobile app reseller, I wanted to share something with you that is really powerful when it comes to delivering health score cards to small businesses and really how to take it to the next level. I’m calling this sales tactic the Business Comparison Strategy and this is a great way to make small businesses really take action and purchase a mobile app with you.

How does it work? How can you use this as a mobile app reseller? The number one thing that small businesses hate to hear is that they’re not doing as well as their competition. That’s straightforward and that really involves any sort of business, including my own as the CEO of Bizness Apps. When I hear about competitors, obviously it makes your ears stand up and it makes you want to know how you stack up against them. When they’re not doing as well as their competitors, this means that every day they are losing customers, their competitors are growing more than them, they are losing revenue, they are missing opportunities to grow. This all boils down to them not being competitive and they could potentially be losing out on so many opportunities to grow within their business that it’s absolutely critically important that they focus on improving these aspects of their business immediately.

You might be asking, “How do you show a small business owner these lost opportunities so that they take action immediately?” Well, I’ve broken it down into some easy steps.

Step 1. Create Two “Anchor” Health Score Cards

An anchor health score is when you create 1-2 health scores for businesses that are doing very well in a local market. Think of two businesses that are doing absolutely great in your local area and create health score cards for them. You will see that they are doing really, really well and have them as the benchmark. This is where the top “anchor” businesses are [Presenter holds his right hand high] and the businesses you might be selling to are probably going to be ranked down here [Presenter holds his left hand in a position relatively low to his other hand]. Or you can sell to the top businesses as well and show them, “You’re doing great, but how are you going to maintain this high level?“ I have a strategy for that, as well, but in this example I’m going to show you how to leverage the top performing businesses to sell to a lot of other small businesses that may not be doing as well as them in terms of marketing.

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Think of two businesses that seem to be doing very well in their areas. Your job as mobile app reseller is to do some research here. Find two winners, go over their social media activity, look at their online reviews. How many loyal customers do they have? How good is their branding? Do they have a beautiful website? Do they have an optimized Facebook page? Do they have a great mobile strategy? Maybe they already have a mobile app. Maybe they’re just killing it in all aspects of marketing. Create health score cards based on what you find and give them a rating that reflects just how well they are doing.

Step 2. Leverage these Two “Anchor” Score Cards.

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You take these health scores and you leverage them. In this example [reveals business health score card on screen], I have a health score card that is ranking a business B+. That’s pretty good. After you have created these two health score cards for businesses you deem to be winners in the local market, use them against other businesses. You really want to go to prospects and say, “Hey, this is your competition, this is the guy down the street and you’re right here [Presenter holds his left hand high]. This is where I am ranking you compared to your top competitors.” [Presenter holds his right hand in a position relatively low to his other hand]. Share with your prospects the information that you are researching on them, of their competition, how they are losing. What is their competition doing and how are they doing it better than them? What are they doing wrong? You want to show them how you can help them, how they can compete, how they can improve what they are doing wrong, and show them how to out-market their competitor that is doing extremely well. That’s critically important to a small business owner, because there is nothing they hate to hear more than that there is a competitor that is taking customers from them every single day.

Step 3. Show a Business How They Compare.

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Leverage your “anchor” health score cards of the businesses which are doing really well to every business that you speak to and get them to take action by showing them that you will get them more social media activity, you’ll get them more online reviews, you’ll get them more email subscribers, you’ll create a powerful mobile marketing strategy. Essentially, you will stop customers from going to their competitors, because their competition is up here [Presenter holds his left hand high], and they’re right here [Presenter holds his right hand in a position relatively low to his other hand]. What you want to do is show businesses that you will incrementally get them to where they want to go, which is above their competitors. [As he is saying this, the Presenter brings his right hand up until it is level with, and eventually higher than, his left]. Show them how you are going to do that. As a mobile app reseller show them how you are going to take their low score and raise it to a high score like your “anchor” business which you’re comparing them to.

Step 4. Set Up a Meeting to Share Research.

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How I would go about this approach as a mobile app reseller — is to set up a meeting to share this research. If you’re just dialing small businesses and you want to get that meeting, there’s a few things you always want to do. You want to make them curious and a great way to get them curious is to let them know how they are doing against their competition. If someone called me personally, and said, “Hey, I have a great marketing solution for Bizness Apps. I think it would really help your business. Are you interested in hearing more?” I would probably not be too inclined to take that call, because there are tons of tools out there and it doesn’t really apply to me. But if someone came to me and said, “Hey. Listen, I’ve found some holes in your business compared to your competition and I think you are missing out on some revenue and customers and overall business growth because of this.” I would definitely take that meeting ten out of ten times.

A soft approach to this is just to call a business and say, “How’s it going today? I’ve been doing some market research on businesses in your area and I have some really interesting marketing information about how your marketing stacks up compared to your competition and I really just wanted to share this with you because I have some really insightful information that could definitely help grow your business and might be pretty eye-opening to you. Do you happen to have maybe 15 minutes for me to go over this with you within the next couple of days?”

Setting a meeting is so important because, when you set a meeting, it brings a business’ guard down. When you’re cold-calling a business or even talking to business owners that you know and they set aside time, they have basically said, “I’ll hear you out. I’ll listen to what you’re going to say.” It’s really difficult to convey all this information in one phone call, so call and set up a time for them to be available and ready to take in the information which you are going to share with them, which is real solutions to their problem, how your solution is going to grow their, social, local and mobile presence. How they are comparing against their competitors and how are you going to show them how they can compete against these local competitors of theirs.

Step 5. Help Them Beat Their Competition.

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[Two business health score cards are shown onscreen. One is rated B+, the other D-].

You see on the left hand side we have a business that’s doing great and then on the right hand side we have a prospect that needs your help. You’re setting the bar here [Presenter holds his left hand high]. This is what a good marketing strategy looks like and this is their results. And you’re here [Presenter holds his right hand in a position relatively low to his other hand] and we need to get you up to here [Presenter brings his right hand up until it is level his left] if you want to have a sustainable business that is able to compete with the well-known businesses that are doing really well in your area. The fundamental strategy for you as a mobile app reseller here is, again, taking a business that is doing really well and comparing it against a business that you might be working with that isn’t doing as well. That right there is very powerful for a small business owner to see, because it opens their eyes and shows them that there are businesses that are really crushing it in terms of marketing in multiple different areas. And you’re not just showing them these problems, you are bringing them solutions as well which makes this even more powerful.

Sell Marketing Solutions, Not Mobile Apps.

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To break this down even more, to you as a mobile app reseller, is really just understanding what your job is. Your job is to sell marketing solutions, not to sell mobile apps. A mobile app is one of the best marketing tools, one of the best ways to solve many marketing problems that many small businesses face today. Small businesses need to understand what they are selling to their customers. They’re selling specials and coupons, easy scheduling, food ordering, the ability to order from their phone, loyalty programs. But, as a reseller, what you are selling the small business is more social media activity, more new customers, more loyal customers, more online reviews, more organic traffic, more email subscribers. Basically, all of this encompassed inside a mobile application as a marketing improvement tool to help with all of the above. And what’s so great about this strategy is, everything that I just listed off, these are items that small businesses really understand and they really care about because they understand that this is what drives new customers and what drives repeat customers back to their business.


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By comparing a small business, that might not be doing well in marketing, to a competitor that they DEFINITELY know about – trust me, all small business owners know about their competition – you:

  • Open their eyes to what their competition is doing
  • Show them how they can improve
  • Craft a strategy to turn them from a D to a B or an A!
  • Bring real data to the table to build trust
  • Present yourself as a local marketing expert
  • Inspire them to become winners in their market!

As a mobile app reseller, you’re bringing them real solutions on how to increase all of these aspects of marketing all at once. Marketing is taken to the next level with mobile apps because apps are a true marketing tool that can help them compete with their biggest competitors.

I hope this was helpful and I hope you guys apply this to your sales tactics and close more app sales. Thanks, everyone!