You live in a fast-paced business environment. It’s a challenge to share sales tools, internal communications and marketing collateral with your team. And it’s almost impossible to keep it all accessible, current and optimized across technology platforms.

What would it be worth to have all your business updates, strategies and key marketing communications consolidated across your networks? No searching for the latest PowerPoint. No calling around for last quarter’s P&L or automation report. No more wondering if your sales force has the marketing tools they need to represent your messaging and positioning accurately.

Imagine the increased productivity…the potential for more effective collaboration…the value of presenting a controlled brand message and image to your team and top tier accounts…

Centralize communications with a Mobile Portal.

All signs point to mobile as the future of engagement, with a web-based branded application being the optimal digital platform. With one mobile iPad application portal, customized to your specifications, you can streamline your communications, reports, key projects, collateral and more to keep your team and top tier accounts on message, on strategy and current—in real time.

A branded mobile application portal offers a dedicated experience, laser focus, and functionality from the tap of a button. From a simple stewardship report to a centralized leadership hub containing volume, profit, performance and branding materials, your mobile application portal will improve your competitive advantage.

A mobile application portal uses a responsive web-based technology, so it can be optimized for your iPad, laptop, desktop, and even smartphone from one point of contact—instead of multiple programs. This dynamic application can be updated in real time and later expanded to meet your changing needs. Long gone will be the days of managing your digital media independently.

Consider the benefits of a customized mobile iPad app portal:

  • Maximize meetings and face time
  • Improve team productivity
  • Build tighter collaboration between leadership teams
  • Project a precise, controlled brand image to your team and your customers
  • Centralize communications and initiatives
  • Deliver more effective presentations

Imagine the items your portal might encompass:

  • Strategy statements
  • Marketing analysis and marketing management reports
  • Profit and loss financial reports
  • Key players and project details
  • Solution and product collateral
  • Performance reports
  • Resource utilization and optimization reports
  • News, time-sensitive alerts, campaign awareness and industry insights for your team

App development is a powerful and essential tool in your online mobile strategy and your brand’s collateral architecture.