Every brand cares about customer feedback and with the staggeringly fast growth of digital services, customer feedback has become more crucial than ever. You do not only collect it for your own business analysis, you also use it for discoverability and public credibility.

Historically, surveys were conducted over the phone, but in recent years, email became the popular way for sending a survey request, assuming that people will be able to fill it out at their leisure.

In some cases, though, an in-app survey is the ultimate place to display your brand’s feedback request. Here’s why:

Because it’s a real-time app experience
Many publishers collect feedback about the app as a whole, or specific experience in the app, by emailing their users. However, if a user just completed an action inside the app, NOW is the best time to ask her about this experience, inside the app. Not 5 minutes or a day later. Sure, you do not want to be intrusive but she completed her action and now is the best time to ask, so ask away!

Because of user loyalty
We keep hearing that from mobile app owners that user retention is their goal and user loyalty is their holy grail. Whether asking users how satisfied they are with your app, what else they would like to see in the app (feature, service, etc), and how likely they are to recommend it to friends, it’s best to ask it while they’re in the app. By doing so you strengthen their connection to the app and they perceive it as a space where your brand does not only offer services, but also communicate with them on a personal level.

Your clients were interacting with your brick and mortar brand? Continue the interaction in your app

Because that’s where your customers are
Increasingly, research shows that mobile is the go-to place for all sort of activities: entertainment, shopping, bill payment, and more. So if customers are voting with their fingers and choosing to spend time with your brand inside your app, you better “be there too”, waiting for them. With relevant questions and relevant answers. A survey is just the beginning of a conversation you can have with your app users, you can then give them immediate feedback based on what they said – ask more questions, ask open questions, show them a video, send them a related coupon, etc. Keep them happy.

Reward your customers with relevant feedback and not just a generic “thank you” note.

Because it’s fun!
Collecting feedback is a serious thing but it doesn’t necessarily have to be done in the most serious way. If you want to check on users’ preferences, you can display it in a fun way, like asking a playful yes/no question that drives users to the next place in your app, based on their answer.

Quick quiz is a fun way to drive users to further explore your app and convert

People don’t like long surveys, and open questions can prove to be tricky on mobile keyboard (though what we’ve seen with customers is that if users care, lots of them will take the time! ). The simplest survey is truly a nice way to display temporary and timely offer in your app to segmented audience and win their loyalty.