Did you know that Twitter recently made changes to their advertising service? Businesses can now pay to have their ads on Twitter’s mobile applications. This comes just after they introduced a new site design and enhancements to their mobile app last week, including robust brand pages.

Mobile Marketer quoted Jed Williams, analyst and program director at BIA/Kelsy, as saying: “It is very significant and a natural extension for marketers that they can now advertise via Twitter mobile apps. Already, 50 percent of Twitter use is mobile and the platform is inherently time, location, and context sensitive.”

Thanks to the growth of mobile social networking, businesses have the opportunity to advertise through a profitable new channel. The article went on to say that “Twitter mobile ads open up a variety of possibilities for synergizing the data the company is aggregating and gives marketers a way to reach a very targeted audience with relevant offers in the right context.”

Here’s how it works — “The new platform that Twitter has developed allows advertisers to purchase promoted tweets on a cost-per-follower basis,” says Chantal Tode from Mobile Marketer.

Just make sure your own website is mobile-optimized before advertising on Twitter because it could end up backfiring. Imagine if you start acquiring new mobile-savvy followers and your website isn’t mobile-friendly?  Sites that haven’t been optimized for mobile phone use discourage repeat visitors due to slow-loading pages, confusing or ill-working navigation, and content that appears jumbled. Talk about an epic mobile fail!

My advice? Make the move into mobile first and then start thinking about how you can reach your intended audience through highly targeted mobile ads on Twitter and other social networking sites like Facebook.

We want to know: Will you be taking advantage of Twitter’s mobile advertising platform?