MintM is an application designed and initiated by MintM Loyalty Services which lets you redeem offers and acts as your Digital Wallet in order to optimise your online shopping experience. We did a review of DelightCircle earlier this month which is more or less based on the same lines.

In a nutshell, as explained by IIT-Alumni Sachin Garg and also co-founder of MintM (Mint Money):

MintM is basically a shopping help and reward system for smartphones. It helps people in creating their smart shopping list on the phones, rewards them for going to shops and restaurants and also get them relevant deals and offers when they actually need them.

MintM is helping out business and local stores in increasing their conversion rates by offering specialized deals, loyalty rewards with intention of increasing Brand Loyalty amongst it’s consumers. The App is now readily available on Android, iPhone and has been out for BlackBerry as well.

MintM User interface

First thing which attracts a user to any application is its user interface in terms of simplicity and design. MintM scores pretty well in both and if you still can’t get what’s what you always have the Help Menu at the click of a button. With neat distribution of Categories in to four catalogues, namely:


ShopZone: ShopZone is more like your Shopping assistant where you can organize your Shopping list/Wish list with pre-built items to choose from or you can type in your own if it’s not listed under.You can share your shopping list via SMS/email or even with your Facebook friends, although I would have loved to see the functionality of sharing it with a selected few of my FB friends rather than the app just posting it to my wall visible to all of them.

The tip feature under the Shopping list can also tell you which of the brands available can help you buy the product you have listed under your own list.This can be a really helpful feature once MintM expands its services to most of the consumer outlets and makes it easier for the user to choose a select few of his choice. ShopZone also shows you the latest deals in your fields which you can avail using this app.


Places: Now, the main functionality of this app goes for a toss sometimes. The first time I tried to checkin to a store near me, I was given the ever waiting ‘Retrieving location’ screen. This went on for 15 long minutes even though I had the GPS working on my Xperia U.This is a core concept miss which I have seen in the location based apps where the app totally fails to check our location (happens with Foursquare many times) and ends up in a frustrating user experience. This is one area where DelightCircle scores over MintM with the easy detection of your place and presenting you offers from places near you.


Wallet: You can gain levels/badges depending upon the activity you do on the application, which is a concept popularised by FourSquare and now adopted by MintM too. The Badges range from Cafe lover to foodie categorising you on your activities and checkins on the application. You can also have a Digital Wallet plugged in within the application by merging your physical card of shopping outlets like BigBazaar, Globus, Pantaloons, etc. with the application.

You can keep records of your reward points (Mints) along with your Rank which depends on how actively you are participating on the application. You do get 20 Mints by default when you sign up for the application. And for the competitive spirit in you, you can have a better ranking by sharing the offers and inviting your friends to the platform. However, I would have loved to track my ranking amongst friends only where I can track how active my friends are on the app and what they are doing for getting better points. This could take the concept of gamification to a higher level.

Rewards: Rewards Section lets you redeem your mints for rewards from the selected stores listed under the Reward Catalogue. Clicking on the particular coupon takes you to the details page where details of claiming the offer and its expiry are explained. You can either claim the coupon or gift it to someone else. However, the invite feature to gain more mints only works as sending an SMS to everyone in your contact list. The app could have let users share and invite through other free messaging applications like WhatsApp and Facebook as well which could have been free of cost to the user.

MintM Vs DelightCircle Vs FourSquare

Having tried all the three apps, with the first two being Indianized versions of location based services, I can say MintM is on par with DelightCircle and FourSquare in terms of User Interface and simplicity for a noob user. However, the ‘Places’ feature frustrated me to the core with the app not detecting my location even after being in the shopping outlet, while at the same time DelightCircle worked like a charm. The app Rewards catalogue will surely grow with time with more personalized items to offer and claim. One thing which can also can be included in the application interface is an option to manually choose a location when the GPS fails to do so.

The Application on Google Play has received more than 70% 5 star rating, and has more positive comments praising the app which is a good sign. Some of the comments too reflect on the addition of new places in the Rewards for the consumers to play with and experiment. Their presence on Facebook and Twitter is well maintained with more than 2,200 fans and 200 followers respectively and responding to user queries aptly.

So have you tried MintM, how do you find it for your shopping needs? You can download the app here on Google Play.