MineralTree Review – A great solution for businesses that are interested in streamlining their accounts payable processes.

When it comes to payment software, most businesses are looking for a product that is two things: simple and secure. MineralTree Secure Business Pay is an application that comes through on both counts, providing its users with a straightforward way to safely make payments with two-way synchronization between their ERP systems and their business bank accounts.

In this MineralTree review, I will explore the ins-and-outs of this web-based AP automation application. I will explain how using MineralTree Secure Business Pay can help automate the accounts payable process and ensure that businesses can finally put an end to paper checks. Because mobile payment processing is such an integral part of MineralTree Secure Business Pay, I will also discuss how businesses that use the system are able to approve payments on-the-go.

MineralTree Review – About the Product

For years, accountants have struggled to keep up using traditional methods for managing payments. These processes typically involved printing out paper checks, matching those checks to invoices, and then waiting for an executive to sign his or her name on the checks before they were sent out. At that point, envelopes had to be stuffed, stamps had to be added, and payments had to be sent in the mail. It was a time-consuming and error-prone process, to say the least. MineralTree Secure Business Pay turns that process on its head, introducing a revolutionary way for business to automate their accounts payable systems.

When businesses use MineralTree Secure Business Pay, invoices that have been entered into their accounting platforms are transferred to MineralTree digitally. From there, the business can decide which invoices to pay and how much should be paid, and payments can be scheduled from within the same application. MineralTree sends automated alerts to CFOs or managers when scheduled payments are ready for approval, and those payments can be approved, rejected, or put on hold using MineralTree’s mobile tools. This complete process increases accuracy and ensures the security of business payments.

Main Functionality of MineralTree

The MineralTree Secure Business Pay application sits securely between a business’ accounting system and its business bank account. This automates the payables process and ensures that secure payments made through the bank are guaranteed against fraud. MineralTree’s two-way synchronization eliminates the hassles of dual data entry, since businesses don’t have to manually enter invoicing details into their accounting systems, and then enter the same information into their Bill Pay applications.

Using MineralTree Secure Business Pay means businesses no longer have to write paper checks. Instead, MineralTree users are encouraged to switch to Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments. The ACH network is a secure network for processing electronic payments. Because payments are processed electronically, they go through more quickly and they are much less susceptible to fraud.

Finally, MineralTree Secure Business Pay really stands apart from competitors thanks to its mobile approval capabilities. Rather than shuffling through stacks full of paper invoices and checks, CFOs that use MineralTree can receive immediate notifications when invoices or payments are ready for approval. For invoice approval, the accounting manager simply sends the invoice from within the application, attaching any comments of supporting documents. Then the designated approver is notified via email and then can also approve the invoice within the email. For payment approval, the approver can decide to approve, reject, or hold certain payments, all while using their iPads. MineralTree’s mobile system also offers businesses an overview of their financial health and a list of the top 20 vendors at any time, which is useful when deciding which bills to prioritize.

Benefits of Using MineralTree

Put simply, MineralTree Secure Business Pay helps businesses save time and increases financial security. Manual methods of payment management are both error prone and time consuming. Even worse, they’re not very secure. By digitizing the process and all but eliminating the hassles of paper, MineralTree has created the most secure AP automation solution available to businesses right now.

Part of this security comes from MineralTree’s two-way bank synchronization, which ensures that employees aren’t manually entering the same information twice. To help avoid instances of theft or fraud, MineralTree uses two-step out-of-band authentication for all accounts. MineralTree users receive a code through their phones via SMS or voice call, which they are prompted to enter after their login credentials. This extra step in user authentication plays a major role in reducing the risk of financial fraud for businesses.

The Basics: What Does the Interface Look Like?

MineralTree divides accounting responsibilities between “approvers” and “account managers.” On the dashboard page in the account manager application, you’ll find a complete summary of your business account. This summary includes the amount of funds in the general ledger, a list of unpaid bills, and a list of bill “in process.” You can also view a list of recently paid bills. Any important notifications will show up on the dashboard, as well.


To review outstanding bills in order of importance, click the “Pay Bills” tab. You will refer back to this tab whenever it’s time to manage cash flow. The Pay Bills tab is also where you’ll go to review or add backup documentation, like invoices and contracts.

Pay Bills tab

When the time has come and you’re ready to make a payment to a vendor, select which bills to pay and add those bills to the payment queue. MineralTree lets you schedule when each payment should be made, how much you want to pay, and which method of payment you want to use. After the payment has been submitted, your “approver”—typically the CFO—will receive an automated alert via email notifying him or her that a payment is ready for approval.

Confirm Payments window

Support Information

MineralTree users have a number of places to go for immediate support. In addition to browsing through a list of Frequently Asked Questions, users can contact a support representative immediately via telephone or email. MineralTree also offers a complete support desk, powered by Zendesk.

Pricing Information

MineralTree operates on a subscription-pricing model, with Quickbooks users starting at $50 per month. For NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains users, pricing tiers are based on payment volume. These users should inquire about pricing. Annual and multi-year discounts are available, as well.

MineralTree Review – The Bottom Line

MineralTree is a fantastic solution for businesses that are interested in streamlining their accounts payable processes. Not only does using MineralTree take less time than traditional paper-based payment solutions, but it is also much more secure and cost-effective. Since its debut, MineralTree has chosen to focus on security above all else. The company works with its users’ banks, not against them, and never makes payments on a user’s “behalf” by using a settlement account. Instead, MineralTree works with banks using native payment rails. For businesses that use supported accounting packages like Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, Netsuite, Quickbooks Desktop, and Quickbooks Online, adding MineralTree can be an incredibly smooth transition.

Ratings: ease of use 4/5, features 5/5, value 5/5