iPhone Screenshot 1Two applications controlled and operated through the reading of brain waves are now in the Apple App Store. The Los Angeles Times has reported that the apps, born in Iceland to a company called MindGames, are simplified versions of EEG machines used in hospitals.

MindGames CEO Deepa Iyengar told neurogadget.com: “Change your mind, transform reality.” She added, “People commonly perceive and react emotionally to threats from other people which are either not really that important, or not there at all, outside of their own heads. Therefore, a lot of our energy is wasted on short-term reactions. We can and must learn that our emotional reactions do not reflect reality.”

Tug of Mind allows you to convert any photograph into an angry 3D foil. The app externalizes the invisible and internal emotions inherent to everyday life as we interact with the world around us by reflecting the negative emotional impacts of others. As the player relaxes, the device reads his brainwaves and changes the mood on his opponent’s face.

Similarly, a brain-powered game called W.I.L.D was released last month for the iPod and iPhone. W.I.L.D. is enabled through meditation and refocusing attention. Players are able to navigate dreamlike dimensions, put out fires, bend spoons, and form galaxies with their minds.

The downside of mind-controlled apps? Choose a photo of your mother and see for yourself.


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