First impressions count, especially for small business owners who are trying to present their companies in a professional way to prospective clients and customers. MightyCall is a web-based platform that professionals with small businesses can use to gain a competitive advantage.

In this MightyCall review, I will look closely at the value MightyCall provides for small business owners, freelancers, and solo entrepreneurs. In testing out the back-end of the platform, I plan to gauge how easy it is for users to set up the system and integrate MightyCall into their existing workflows. MightyCall bills itself as an ideal solution for remote teams, so I will also be paying close attention to how the platform works from an employee’s perspective.

About MightyCall

Small business owners and solo entrepreneurs can set up official looking websites and email accounts as a way to make their companies look professional, but their covers are typically blown the first time a prospective client picks up the phone. Telephone numbers that are linked to a residence or mobile phone are usually looked down upon within the business community, and asking a client to call a separate number to connect with an employee is rarely a suitable alternative to simply transferring the call.

MightyCall is a tool that business owners can use to create professional phone systems that link to their home offices and mobile lines. Business owners can publish toll-free numbers on their websites and route incoming calls to the appropriate staffers using a sophisticated telephone system, all without investing in any hardware or telephone lines. MightyCall helps small businesses enhance their brands to better compete with larger firms.

Main Functionality of MightyCall

MightyCall offers all the same functionalities as traditional hardware-based telephone systems, but with none of the hassles or associated costs. The platform helps new users secure a telephone number for their firms — either toll-free or local. MightyCall also offers tools that businesses can use to search for any “vanity” numbers that may be available. Businesses can set up an auto-attendant to greet callers and route their calls. Callers also have the option to dial the appropriate extension at any time, having no idea that multiple extensions could all be routing to the same mobile number. After normal business hours are through, calls can be routed directly to voicemail, so as to not disturb business owners who work from home.

Businesses with an online presence can use MightyCall to convert more web visitors to actual customers. Clicking a “click2call” button — which businesses can add to their websites — opens up a pre-configured web dialer, allowing customers to make free web calls to the business at any time. These incoming calls are tracked and logged, allowing businesses to gain insight into the frequency and duration of calls during peak business hours.

Benefits of Using MightyCall

Many people judge a firm based on its size, assuming — often incorrectly — that a larger firm must provide better work. MightyCall gives small companies a way to compete, providing them with all the tools necessary to make a good first impression when they receive incoming calls from clients.

Beyond first impressions, MightyCall also improves the workflow for businesses with remote teams. The virtual telephone system can route incoming calls to mobile numbers. Individual extensions can be personalized with unique forwarding rules, settings, and voicemail messages depending on the preferences of each staffer. MightyCall “pre-announces” any calls that come in through the platform with an audio alert, giving users who’ve connected the system to their personal phones or residential lines a chance to put on their “professional hats” before answering any calls.

The Basics: What Does the Interface Look Like?

Set up your auto-attendant by recording a personal greeting through the computer or through your phone. You can change your company’s outgoing greeting at any time, or rely on MightyCall’s default greeting for a more generic message.

MightyCall also offers a Pro Voice Studio, which allows you to hire from up to 80 different industry-leading voice talents to record your business greeting.


Create new extensions for each employee who will be using the MightyCall system. Add the employee’s name, email address, and account login, and assign the employee a “role” within your company. Employees can decide for themselves whether they should be marked down in “Available” or “Do Not Disturb” modes.


Manage the email notifications your employees will receive when they have new voicemails or when their voicemail inboxes are full. Setting up the system to automatically add pertinent information, like the caller’s address and organization name, helps employees decide how quickly they should respond.


A record of all calls made through the MightyCall system is available through the web-based dashboard. Account administrators can filter these calls to view only those that are incoming, outgoing, connected, or missed. They can also filter calls by period, and mark the “result” of each call (such as, a closed sale) as a way to track client trends over a period of time.


Support Information

New users are guided through the process of setting up their virtual phone systems with the help of MightyCall’s setup wizard. The answers to additional questions not covered during the setup process can be found on the platform’s Help page. Dozens of articles serve as a complete system guide, and an FAQ page provides short answers to the most frequent queries MightyCall receives from users. Businesses can call or email MightyCall for additional support.

Pricing Information

Users have 30 days to try MightyCall for free before deciding whether to sign up for a paid plan. The company offers three plans with monthly pricing. The Entrepreneur plan provides users with up to 300 minutes per month for $9.99. The Unlimited Plan provides users with an unlimited number of minutes per month for $29.99. The Social Marketing Plan provides users with an unlimited number of minutes per month, plus up to five toll-free or local phone numbers for $49.99.

The Bottom Line

MightyCall’s virtual phone system is an excellent way for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs to get a leg up on the competition. Not only do telephone systems help businesses sound more professional, but they also ease the burden off of business owners who are tired of getting calls from clients on their mobile phones after regular business hours. The platform’s web-calling features are an added bonus for companies with a strong online presence.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 5/5, value 5/5 and ease of deployment 5/5