Android Apps

Amid many speculations, Microsoft has finally taken over Sunrise, one of the better calendar apps, dedicated to iOS and android alike. With a beefy remuneration of around $100 million shelled out by the Redmond giant, this move might just be on the similar lines to the way Acompli was bought, which was later rebranded to Outlook.

With Windows 10 official launch around the corner, this might just be Microsoft’s move to reach out to other platforms while revamping its very own app center.

Here are some of the other apps which are equally utilitarian and might attract Microsoft’s attention in near future, provided the company looks to go all modern with its app drawer:

  • Feedly

An on-call RSS reader for iOS and Android, Feedly offers multiple viewing options besides stacking in newest of information with every update.

Highlights are the navigation menu and certainly the seamless interface. Now search for the global content, free of cost with this app which boasts of a laid-back viewing experience.

  • Mailbox

Previously an iPhone app, Mailbox touches base with Android, providing easy mail access across multiple accounts. Acquired by Dropbox, barely months after the launch, this application allows SMS like readability to all your mails.

  • Flipboard

E-Magazines are certainly in fashion and Flipboard tailors the content over web in a similar manner. This application takes down the top stories of the hour and schedules them across an intuitive interface. Ability to sync around with Facebook and Twitter certainly allows added social media advantage.

  • MoboMarket

Here comes a reliable alternative to the Google Play store, boasting of a larger database. This application includes a new User Interface which effectively features the Geo-Location specified content and app recommendations. Be it the trending local applications or something pertaining to the native language, MoboMarket comes in as a one-stop solution to each.

Several hidden applications are located under Editor Picks besides the Intelligent Search option. This application boasts of a revamped search engine which showcases apps, based on the search habits of an individual.

Other utilitrain aspects include some phone management specs in the Optimizer and RAM Booster besides the File Cleaner.

  • Google Keep

Microsoft might still be mad at Google for revealing the clink in Windows 8.1 as per the disclosure policy but this application might be a tempting move towards bridging the gap. Google Keep offers a new and simpler way of jotting down ideas besides including voice support and photo additions. The best part is that the notes are saved online and can be accessed over the browser.

  • Pocket

Reading articles over the internet is made easy with Pocket, offering an extension which saves the story for you to read later. This android application puts forth pages in a simplistic manner with offline access and a book-like interface.

Pocket is one application which allows the reader with complete flexibility even in the non-coverage areas. Now compromising on readable options is no more a case with this fantastic application around which was also declared as the ‘best news app of 2014’ by the ‘Evernote Platform Awards’.

Here are a few applications which Microsoft might find useful. Even if the company looks to pass on any new acquisition for now, users can still benefit from this write-up by adding these applications to their handset, at the earliest.